Korean Company Launches Advanced LED Safety Device in the U.S.

Preventing Accidents and Making Roads Safer for Drivers


MENLO PARK, Calif., Dec. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The team of Korean inventors and innovators of LED technology at Kono Corporation Ltd., a design, development and manufacturing tech company, has opened a subsidiary, Kono America Inc., and successfully launched a new product on the market the S-Light, an emergency signaling device for all kinds of vehicles. This device alerts drivers at eye level of a stalled vehicle causing potential hazards up ahead. It includes warning messages such as HELP, SOS, and a warning triangle visible from up to 2 football fields away (650 ft.) which helps to prevent car sideswipes and secondary accidents, making it essential for any road safety kit.

To further demonstrate the success of the launch of the S-Light within the U.S. market, Kono America was awarded the New Product Showcase Safety Award at the November 2021 AAPEX trade show in Las Vegas. The judges of this premier event for emerging products recognized the device as a significant innovation within the Safety category.

“We developed the S-Light to make people safer on the road during a vehicle stall or breakdown,” says Kono’s CEO Kono Kim. “Visibility is the primary cause of secondary accidents. If we can save even one life, it is a successful project regardless of business success.”

Kono Corporation’s new S-Light comes with incredible features including: a rotating LED arm for night time use and a warning triangle board for daytime use. A magnetic base allows the driver to attach the device securely at a highpoint on a vehicle ensuring maximum visibility. It is also waterproof and usable in all weather.

Customers claim it is useful when signaling for help in areas with no cell phone service. The easy-to-use, battery-powered S-Light emits a bright LED light in low visibility in rain, wind and snowy conditions to warn approaching drivers of obstacles ahead.

Kono America has made a great breakthrough with the launch of the S-Light. This safe, secure device is available on many prominent websites such as amazon.com, walmart.com, etc., as well as on their website, KonoAmerica.com.

About Kono America
Kono Corporation Ltd. was founded by Seoul based engineer and designer, Kono Kim, whose inventions have received several awards and patents internationally. The company creates B2C and B2B products for several industries.

Randy Kemps