Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) Announces Partnership with cerascreen®

Lake Worth, Florida, UNITED STATES

Lake Worth, Florida, Dec. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pharmacy Development Services is excited to announce its partnership with cerascreen ®, a global health company offering a variety of at-home, point-of-care test kits, available for resale. By introducing independent pharmacies to cerascreen ® products, PDS will expand its cutting-edge solutions and innovative partnerships that increase accessibility to patient care services.  

“Providing our members with patient-care opportunities, like the cerascreen ® at-home test kits, gives independent pharmacies an additional tool they need to attract new customers, as well as forging deeper relationships to their existing patients. By providing a product and service at the pharmacy, we can frame the pharmacy as a valuable part of the patient's health care team,” says Elaine Ladd, Chief Pharmacy Officer. “cerascreen ® products offer an opportunity for patients to be proactive about their health and streamline the process of diagnosis and discovery. We believe these solutions are beneficial to both the business and the customer and we are excited to share these products with our members.”  

cerascreen® offers a wide variety of at-home, point-of-care test kits such as Cholesterol, Vitamin D, blood sugar, food allergies, and more. Tests can be taken at-home or on-site, and the collected samples are shipped via pre-paid envelope to CLIA-certified partner labs. The test results are available online within 24-72 hours.  

“Our products give community pharmacists the opportunity to nurture deeper trusted patient/pharmacy relationships while generating additional revenue streams,” says Ron Lev, Senior Business Development Manager. “COVID has really opened up a door for pharmacists to be more actively involved in the patient lifecycle. Our at-home test kits are going to increase those opportunities and give pharmacists a more visible role in patient care.” 

About Pharmacy Development Services (PDS): PDS is headquartered in Lake Worth, Florida and has been partnering with independent pharmacy owners across the United States to drive business growth since 2001. PDS focuses on four quadrants of business: finance, team, growth, and operations. By acknowledging the challenges in the ever-changing pharmacy industry, PDS supports its members and helps them take control of their business, move forward with clarity and win with confidence. For more information on how to partner with PDS, please visit   


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