Linked In Lead Generation Platform Reaches New Customer Milestone

Indianapolis, Dec. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Indianapolis, IN based Kennected is pleased to share that their platform recently passed a new milestone in their mission to boost the business community’s outreach efforts on LinkedIn. The company’s Cloud Kennect LinkedIn software has now helped over 15,000 customers generate leads via LinkedIn, and they look forward to breaking new records in the year to come.

“Our goal has always been to identify every repetitive task in lead generation on LinkedIn and automate it to the point that business owners and their teams only have to deal with the most promising prospects,” states Kennected. “This drastically cuts down on the time they have to spend chasing leads that will ultimately fail to pan out and gives them much more flexibility to focus on the core aspects of their business. We have helped more than 15,000 customers to date, and we expect to soon cross the 20,000 customer mark thanks to recent improvements in user accessibility.”


One of the improvements in question refers to the company’s new ROI calculator. While customers previously had to engage with Kennect and use the platform for some time to gain an idea of how well it works (or refer to their team’s estimates), this is no longer the case. Any customer who is interested in automating their lead generation can simply use this ROI calculator to see how much they stand to gain by using the platform. This will allow them to directly compare their current status to their potential earnings with Kennected.

To those unfamiliar with the platform, the company explains that their LinkedIn lead generation software automates certain tasks that can quickly get very repetitive. For instance, a business or marketer may find it difficult to endlessly visit profiles, send connection requests and then follow up with messages every day, especially when they have a business to run. If they try to do this alone, they run the risk of neglecting either their daily operations or their marketing. Fortunately, Kennected can take over lead generation completely, even going so far as to emulate human interactions to ensure that prospects are not discouraged by having to converse with a bot.

While this covers the platform’s basic functionality, its capabilities are quite extensive and invaluable. For instance, it can automate the process of prospecting, building outreach campaigns, increasing profile views, follow-up messaging and so on, allowing the business owner to focus exclusively on closing a deal once the bot has done its work. They can also set a target for the number of meetings they wish to have every month, and Kennected will keep reaching out on their behalf until this target is accomplished.

Certain customers have even noted that they intentionally limited the platform’s reach because they could not keep up. With Kennected, a business is only limited by how much time they have to commit to prospects with high potential. In practice, this means that Kennected will initiate communication with a lead (based on certain criteria) and even send follow-up messages to pique their interest. Once they express a desire to learn more or move forward, the business’s representatives can step in and focus on turning the prospect into a customer — on finalizing the sale. Given the sheer scale of LinkedIn and how ubiquitous it has become in the business world, it is conceivable for a business to run their entire campaign on this platform alone with Kennected’s help.

One of Kennected’s mandates is to ensure that businesses are able to operate the platform to its full extent by themselves. While their team will help in every way possible during the onboarding process, their ultimate goal is to make their customers as self-sufficient as possible. With 15,000 satisfied customers behind them, the team has a wealth of experience that they are eager to share with their community, from marketing strategies to insight on which aspects of a campaign can be automated and which must be personalized.

A more detailed explanation of all the platform’s tools, the ROI calculator and so on can be found on Kennected's new website. Devin Johnson of Kennected can be reached via phone or email for additional information as well.


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