FluentPet Introduces FluentPet Connect, a WiFi-Connected “Talking” Button System for Advancing Communication Between People and Their Animal Companions

New Bluetooth-enabled HexTiles, mobile app connectivity and improved audio capability empower FluentPet users to track and share progress in teaching dogs and cats to use their words

DEL MAR, Calif., Jan. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FluentPet, the company that is pioneering new possibilities for interspecies communication, today announces the launch of FluentPet Connect, a new WiFi-connected smart system for advancing communication and deepening connection between people and their animal companions. The new product line arrives less than 18 months after the debut of the original FluentPet HexTile system, which has generated over $7 million in revenue since videos showing dogs learning to use FluentPet’s “talking” buttons went viral online. With upgraded design, audio, and overall functionality, FluentPet Connect represents the next phase in the company’s quest to bridge the interspecies communication gap.

The original FluentPet language and learning system enables people to teach dogs and cats to express themselves by pressing sound-emitting buttons mounted on a board of interlocking HexTiles. With the introduction of smart, Bluetooth-enabled HexTiles and a new FluentPet mobile app, the new FluentPet Connect system adds connectivity and new levels of functionality to the learning experience.

“Over the past three years, we’ve seen incredible successes from FluentPet users,” said CEO Leo Trottier. “By popular demand and with feedback from our dedicated influencer Guides, we’ve developed a more seamless way for users to connect with the animals they live with. With our new FluentPet Connect System and app, users can realize deeper, more meaningful insights into what our dogs or cats might be thinking.”

The FluentPet Connect system is organized around a central Base HexTile, which provides a WiFi-Bluetooth bridge to connect additional Expansion tiles and automatically capture each press of a button. Using the mobile app, users can track which word buttons their learners are pressing and monitor their vocabulary development.

Both HexTile variations accommodate up to six buttons and can be color-customized with affixable faceplates for easier visual recognition and enough variation for a vocabulary of 100-plus words in at least six categories. And with an upgraded, water-resistant construction that discourages biting, the new HexTiles can withstand the paws and claws of even the most eager learners.

“After seeing such great success from teaching and communicating with Bunny, we were thrilled to try this new FluentPet Connect System with our newest puppy, Otter,” said Alexis Devine, owner of the viral TikTok account @whataboutbunny, which ignites the imaginations of over 7.2 million followers. “We’ve been able to track his progress much more easily and it’s clear he’s learning at a rapid pace. We’re excited to collaborate and share our progress with other Guides and users around the world in real-time.”

Unlike other sound button systems, which use buttons equipped with both a microphone and small speaker, each FluentPet Connect Base HexTile is equipped with a single large, high-quality speaker that delivers clearer and louder audio than any other sound button on the market. Users customize HexTile button playback by recording and transmitting high-fidelity audio via their smartphones. The Base HexTile utilizes a lithium battery that lasts over three weeks under routine use and can operate while being powered via a USB-C charging port.

The FluentPet Connect Base HexTile ($69.95) and the FluentPet Connect Expansion HexTile ($49.95) can be reserved here and will begin shipping Spring 2022.

To learn more about the FluentPet product line, visit www.fluent.pet.

About FluentPet

Launched in June of 2020, FluentPet is a science and mission-driven company that builds tools and community for catalyzing two-way communication between humans and the animals they live with. Since its founding, FluentPet has done over $7M in sales and has been doubling its sales year over year. Using cognitive science-based research and insights, FluentPet makes it possible for people to teach their dogs and cats to "talk" with recordable sound buttons through a system of programmable HexTiles. Together with leading online “Guides,” like TikTok’s @whataboutbunny, FluentPet strives to create a new shared language that will improve both the lives of pets and their owners. For more information, visit www.fluent.pet.

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