Awakened Women's Network Launches: New Coaching/Training/Networking Platform for Those Who RAPIDLY Want to Accelerate Their Results

Created for Entrepreneurs and Professionals that want to Master their Mindset, Marketing and get Massive PR for Real Results

Orange County, CA, Jan. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cappi Pidwell, a National Speaker, Author, and leading expert in Human Behavior as a Master of NLP and Advanced Hypnotherapy, has announced the launch of a new coaching/training and networking company called Awakened Women's Network (AWN), launching January 20, 2022. The company is officially launching with an online summit: The Level UP Mastermind Summit! available online from 9:00 am through 5:00 pm (PST) at

"We are excited to share this very powerful platform as after years of going from network event to networking event, I found that not one place had it all," said Cappi Pidwell, Founder and President of AWN. "Now, with AWN, members receive an all-inclusive membership to get rapid results and access to empowering experts right away, giving them growth for their business and income." 

Pidwell, the host and speaker for the Level Up Mastermind Summit!, will be joined by Forbes Riley, an award-winning TV Talk Show Host, best selling author, and business coach, and Dr. Leticia Wright, founder of the Wright Place Studios who builds ROKU, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV Channels for professionals wanting to extend their reach. Also joining Pidwell will be AWN's Vice President Kelly Bennett, an award-winning broadcast journalist and PR professional, Luke Wides, the Marketing Director for AWN, Vaughn Fahie, known as The Voice Brander, audio engineer, educator, author, and many more experts to help level up your life and business. 

To get registered for the Level Up Mastermind Summit! go to 

AWN was created after seeing the struggles entrepreneurs had with the pandemic this past year and a half. Pidwell has hosted and spoken for hundreds of events and decided while working with her clients, Bennett and Widas, she enlisted them both to help her create AWN. This trifecta of a team has created a platform that will give members a monthly coaching/training program, including monthly zoom network nights, monthly zoom group coaching calls, and an opportunity for those ready to achieve real results to be connected to a network of empowering individuals. 

Along with the monthly benefits, members of AWN will have discounted access to online and in-person LIVE events throughout the year that will be experiential, giving attendees something they’ve never seen before.

The platform also includes a podcast series of informative and educational experts who share their success tips.

For more information about AWN, visit Follow AWN on Facebook and Instagram @AwakenedWomensNetwork. 

 For media inquiries and interviews, please contact Kelly Bennett of Bennett Unlimited PR (949) 463-6383 or 

About Awakened Women's Network

Awakened Women's Network (AWN) focuses on mindset mastery, marketing, and PR for those who want massive results in their business and personal life. AWN provides an all-in-one coaching/training and networking platform with monthly zoom network nights, monthly zoom group coaching calls, and online and in-person conferences.


Level UP Mastermind Summit! Cappi Pidwell and Kelly Bennett

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