Global E-Cigarettes Market Report 2021-2026 Featuring Key Players - Smoore International, Imperial Brands, British American Tobacco, & Japan Tobacco


Dublin, Jan. 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Global E-Cigarettes Market - Analysis By Product Type (Disposable, Rechargeable, Modular), Distribution Channel, By Region, By Country (2021 Edition): Market Insights and Forecast with Impact of COVID-19 (2021-2026)" report has been added to's offering.

The Global E-Cigarettes Market was valued at USD 21.2 Billion in the year 2020

In order to help smokers quit cigarettes, a variety of nicotine replacement products have come to the market including nicotine patches, gum, inhaler, lozenges and nasal spray. E-cigarettes is being recognized as an alternative to conventional cigarettes.

Factors such as awareness about harmful effects of conventional cigarettes, reduced tar, and carbon monoxide inhalation through electronic cigarette, growing disposable income and rise in technological developments by electronic cigarette manufacturers is driving the growth of the e-cigarettes market.

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has impacted the growth of e-cigarette market. The outbreak of novel coronavirus caused an adverse disruption on the overall economy through halted production and logistics activities, affecting the demand and supply of e-cigarettes globally.

The shortage has also resulted in numerous incidents of black marketing for these products in European and North American countries. In order to meet the rising demand for vape products post pandemic, multiple vendors adopted unique marketing strategies and offering their products via online platforms to boost product sales.

As more consumers become aware of the hazardous effects of tobacco smoking, they are introduced to new and safer smoking devices, thereby increasing the demand for these products.

E-cigarettes are gaining popularity, especially among young adults and adolescents. The modular device segment is expected to be the fastest-growing segment These devices are highly customizable that allow users to adjust the vapour output according to their preference.

Key players operating in global e-cigarette market include Smoore International Holdings, Imperial Brands Plc, British American Tobacco, Japan Tobacco Inc. etc. To gain a significant share in the market, the key players are now focusing on adopting strategies such as product innovations, mergers & acquisitions, recent developments, joint venture, collaborations, and partnership.

The leading players are introducing various e-liquid flavours in the market to cater to the evolving preferences of customers, thereby propelling market growth.

Key Target Audience:

  • E-cigarette Companies
  • Vaping Devices Companies
  • Tobacco Manufacturers
  • Consulting and Advisory Firms
  • Government and Policy Makers
  • Regulatory Authorities

Key Topics Covered:

1. Report Scope and Methodology

2. Strategic Recommendations

3. E-cigarette Market: Product Overview

4. Global E-cigarette Market: An Analysis
4.1 Market Size, By Value, Year 2016-2026
4.2 Impact of COVID-19 on E-Cigarettes (Vaping) Market
4.3 Global E-Cigarettes (Vaping) Market

5. Global E-cigarette Market Segmentation, By Product Type (Value)
5.1 Global E-Cigarettes (Vaping) Market Segmentation, By Product Type (Value)
5.2 Competitive Scenario of E-Cigarettes (Vaping) Market: By Product Type (2020 & 2026)
5.3 By Disposable- Market Size and Forecast (2016-2026)
5.4 By Rechargeable- Market Size and Forecast (2016-2026)
5.5 By Modular- Market Size and Forecast (2016-2026)

6. Global E-cigarette Market Segmentation, By Distribution Channel (Value)
6.1 Global E-cigarette Market Segmentation, By Product Type (Value)
6.2 Competitive Scenario of Global E-cigarette Market: By Product Type (2020 & 2026)
6.3 By Pharmaceuticals- Market Size and Forecast (2016-2026)
6.4 By Vaccines- Market Size and Forecast (2016-2026)
6.5 By Feed Additives- Market Size and Forecast (2016-2026)

7. Global E-cigarette Market: Regional Analysis
8.1 Competitive Scenario of Global E-cigarette Market: By Region (2020 & 2026)

8. Americas E-cigarette Market: An Analysis (2016-2026)
8.1 Americas E-Cigarettes (Vaping) Market by value: Size and Forecast (2016-2026)
8.2 Americas E-Cigarettes (Vaping) Market: Prominent Companies
8.3 Americas E-Cigarettes (Vaping) Market: Segmental Analysis
8.4 Market Segmentation By Product Type (Disposable, Rechargeable, Modular)
8.5 Market Segmentation By Distribution Channel (Offline stores, Online stores)
8.6 Americas E-Cigarettes (Vaping) Market: Country Analysis
8.7 Market Opportunity Chart of Americas E-Cigarettes (Vaping) Market - By Country, By Value (Year-2026)
8.8 Competitive Scenario of Americas E-Cigarettes (Vaping) Market- By Country (2020 & 2026)
8.9 United States E-Cigarettes (Vaping) Market: Size and Forecast (2016-2026)
8.10 United States E-Cigarettes (Vaping) Market Segmentation By Product Type, By Distribution Channel (2016-2026)
8.11 Canada E-Cigarettes (Vaping) Market: Size and Forecast (2016-2026)
8.12 Canada E-Cigarettes (Vaping) Market Segmentation By Product Type, By Distribution Channel (2016-2026)

9. Europe E-cigarette Market: An Analysis (2016-2026)

10. Asia Pacific E-cigarette Market : An Analysis (2016-2026)

11. Global E-cigarette Market Dynamics
11.1 Global E-cigarette Market Drivers
11.2 Global E-cigarette Market Restraints
11.3 Global E-cigarette Market Trends

12. Market Attractiveness and Strategic Analysis
12.1 Market Attractiveness Chart of Global E-Cigarettes (Vaping) Market - By Product Type (Year 2026)
12.2 Market Attractiveness Chart of Global E-Cigarettes (Vaping) Market - By Distribution Channel (Year 2026)
12.3 Market Attractiveness Chart of Global Cement Market - By Region (Year 2026)

13. Competitive Landscape
13.1 Market Share of global leading companies
13.2 SWOT Analysis- Global E-Cigarettes (Vaping) Market
13.3 Porter Five Force Analysis- Global E-Cigarettes (Vaping) Market

14. Company Profiles (Business Description, Financial Analysis, Business Strategy)
14.1 Smoore International Holdings Limited
14.2 Imperial Brands, Plc.
14.3 British American Tobacco
14.4 Japan Tobacco, Inc
14.5 FirstUnion
14.6 Shenzhen IPV Vaping Technology Co., Ltd
14.8 JoyeTech
14.9 Juul Labs
14.10 NJOY

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