Dialysis Market Trends 2022 | North America, Europe, & APAC Industry Forecasts 2027: Graphical Research

Major dialysis market players include DaVita, Baxter, Medtronic, B. Braun, Fresenius Kabi, Physidia, Diaverum, Nxstage Medical Inc., Merck Kgaa, Cantel Medical, Rogosin Institute, Asahi Kasei Corporation, Baxter International Inc., and Nipro.

Pune, India, Jan. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

The global dialysis market size is estimated to showcase a strong growth during the forecast timeframe due to the prevalence of chronic kidney diseases and a surge in the number of people suffering from diabetes. Some of the trends that could redefine the regional outlook are delineated below:

  • North America

Compelling growth opportunities in Canada

End-users are likely to invest in Canada following the surge in kidney failure and the rise of kidney-associated diseases, including obesity, diabetes, and renal diseases. According to Organ Replacement in Canada: CORR annual statistics, 2020, there were around 40,734 Canadians (excluding Quebec) living with end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) at the end of 2019. Canada dialysis market could witness a stable CAGR of approximately 3% up to 2027.

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Rising significance of hemodialysis in the U.S.

The U.S. has become a promising hub for hemodialysis against the backdrop of soaring cases of kidney failures. According to the CDC, around 360 people start dialysis treatment every 24 hours for kidney failure, while approximately 37 million U.S. adults are projected to have chronic kidney disease (CKD). It is pertinent to mention that hemodialysis is needed to treat patients with kidney failure and could be sought for obese people. North America dialysis market size could surpass USD 35.9 billion by 2027, with hemodialysis segment likely to grow at a moderate CAGR of around 3.3% between 2021 and 2027.

  • Europe

End-users focus on chronic- and acute dialysis services

With a substantial uptick in the number of cases of chronic kidney disease in the U.K., France and Germany, demand for chronic- and acute-dialysis services has surged. According to Kidney care U.K.org, approximately 3 million people suffer from CKD in Europe. Heightened awareness about the availability of dialysis services has further solidified the position of European countries in the global landscape. Europe dialysis market is forecast to reach USD 31 billion by 2027.

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In-center dialysis highly sought-after

Leading companies are navigating opportunities in in-center dialysis services as they tend to take less time. Besides, the under-penetration of home dialysis has furthered the footprint of in-center dialysis. Notably, home dialysis is not considerably developed in France and merely 7% of the resident receive home dialysis. Europe market share from in-center dialysis will witness around 3.5% CAGR through 2027, largely due to the demand for expert supervision for better treatment and care.

  • Asia Pacific

Stakeholders up investment in Japan

Bullish government policies, along with the presence of leading companies, will encourage leading companies to invest in Japan market, exhibiting around 4.1% CAGR up to 2027. The overall burden of CKD could also be pronounced, prompting investment in the region. The prevalence of efficient dialysis services across home settings and dialysis centers will augur well for the industry outlook. Asia Pacific dialysis industry size will surpass USD 34.7 billion by 2027.

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The flourishing prospect of dialysis machines and water treatment systems

Lately, China and India have emerged as viable ground for water treatment systems and dialysis machines. Given the rise in the number of people suffering from kidney disorders, demand for dialysis equipment is likely to gain traction. It is worth noting that the dialysis machine mixes and monitors the dialysate that helps do away with unwanted waste products from the blood. Equipment was valued at over USD 1.6 billion in Asia Pacific market in 2020 and will witness an upward growth trajectory in the ensuing period.  

Home dialysis during the COVID-19 pandemic

The year 2020 and 2021 have witnessed profound traction for home hemodialysis for it can enable patients to perform autonomous dialysis in a safe environment at home. Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 outbreak, home dialysis observed an exponential demand as incentives were implemented in several regions to further the adoption of home hemodialysis. Asia Pacific market share from home dialysis could witness around 6.5% CAGR through 2027, mainly due to better treatment options and affordability.

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