Brandon Hall Group Studying How to Deliver Engaging Learning for Hybrid Workforces

Technology is the key to effectively delivering learning to a geographically dispersed workforce. Developing the skills of the future in a hybrid work environment requires a multimodal approach that brings personalized learning closer to the point of performance and into the flow of work.

Boca Raton, FL, Jan. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Brandon Hall Group, the leading independent HCM research and analyst firm, is launching a survey to understand the challenges organizations face developing a hybrid workforce, how they are addressing and overcoming them.

“There is growing complexity in developing and delivering learning in the hybrid work environment. Rethinking both instructor-led and synchronous training are critical success factors for optimizing learning,” Brandon Hall Group Principal Learning Analyst David Wentworth said. “Formal, informal and experiential learning must evolve rapidly to meet the new dynamic needs of the modern workforce.”

Brandon Hall Group’s Creating and Delivering Highly Engaging Learning for the Hybrid Workforce Study will ask respondents to define their strategy and approach to learning in a hybrid environment and correlate them with increases in key performance indicators to identify best and next practices in learning strategies.

“Brandon Hall Group research finds that about one-third of organizations expect more than half of their workforce to work primarily remotely after the company’s optimal ‘return to the workplace’ strategy is implemented. Fewer than 5% expect to have no remote workers at all,” Brandon Hall Group CEO Mike Cooke said. “This means that companies will have to develop long-term strategies for meeting the needs of learners who are on-site, those that work from home, and those that vacillate between the two.”

“Not only does this present geographical challenges companies may have not previously faced, but temporal ones as well,” Wentworth said. “Remote workers may not necessarily be keeping the same schedules as those on-site, meaning organizations may be dealing with synchronicity issues for the first time.”

Brandon Hall Group’s Creating and Delivering Highly Engaging Learning for the Hybrid Workforce Study will seek to understand the strategies and tactics organizations will use to deliver impactful, engaging learning experiences to a workforce that is both on-site and remote.

The data from this research will fuel the development of research reports and tools such as self-assessment tools, models and frameworks to help organizations improve their learning strategies.

To participate in this study, go to Participants will receive summary results of the survey five to seven weeks after the survey launch and will get immediate download access to Brandon Hall Group’s Strategy Brief, How to Guarantee Your Remote Workers Are Engaged and Productive.

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