United Language Group Announces New Executive Vice President of Sales

ULG, the world's leading language solutions provider, announces new global sales lead.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota, Jan. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mike Mulligan has been promoted to Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at United Language Group (ULG) reporting to Nic McMahon, Chief Executive Officer.

With more than 5 years’ experience in multiple sales leadership roles, Mike has a deep understanding of ULG culture, as well as a proven track record of working directly with customers to develop intelligent solutions for their language needs.

In taking the role and commenting on ULG’s direction and focus, Mike noted; “Engaging with linguistically and culturally diverse customers, prospects and members is about more than just language, it requires creating bridges between countries and cultures. Where this is achieved, we have seen tremendous results; from lifesaving patient outcomes to improved global search engine optimization (SEO) for industrial content. I’m excited to apply what I have learned to the broader global sales team and work hand in hand with them to help our customers make a meaningful difference in the global and the limited English proficient (LEP) markets they serve.” 

“As we move into what looks to be our best year ever, it is exciting to have such a strong internal candidate to help us scale and grow ULG on a global basis.” McMahon said. “Mike has done a tremendous job in both Europe and the US leading not just our sales teams but helping to shape our sales strategy and culture. He is a natural fit to take our sales organization to the next level.”   

ABOUT United Language Group

For over 20 years, United Language Group has provided the language solutions required to engage and support the global marketplace. As a language solutions partner built on ingenuity and commitment to our customers, ULG has become the world’s most innovative language services provider: combining translation, cultural adaptation, and interpreting solutions as needed to engage and expand global markets. With offices all over the world, ULG is the trusted partner for thousands of regulated and non-regulated businesses.



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