Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) Announces Partnership with The Oval Group

Lake Worth, Florida, UNITED STATES

Lake Worth, FL, Jan. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LAKE WORTH, FLA - / DATE/ Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) is pleased to announce The Oval Group as a continued strategic partner. The Oval Group offers talent management solutions along with actionable employee insight. Bringing The Oval Group on as trusted PDS partner grants PDS members access to resources that can help build engaged, empowered, and effective teams.

“Today, the hiring process goes beyond putting up a ‘Help Wanted’ sign.  The Oval Group helps independent pharmacy owners hire talent that is the right fit for their pharmacy’s culture,” said Elaine Ladd, Chief Pharmacy Officer - PDS. “Through a suite of assessment tools, pharmacy owners can get a better understanding of themselves, current employees or candidates. Running a successful business starts with having a cohesive team in a positive working culture. The Oval Group provides tools and solutions to set our members up for success.”

Established in 2003, the Oval Group is a talent management solutions provider specializing in talent assessments and services that enable business owners to make informed strategic hiring decisions. The Oval Group addresses key areas in the pharmacy hiring process including talent selection, team dynamics, and growth and development.

“Business is easy but people are complicated. Partnering with The Oval Group means PDS members have access to resources that help reduce employee turnover. By hiring the right talent the first time, pharmacy owners can save time and money,” states Steve Graham, President – The Oval Group. “The deep experience The Oval Group has with independent pharmacy owners means personalized and flexible support for PDS members.”

About Pharmacy Development Services (PDS): PDS is headquartered in Lake Worth, Florida and has been partnering with independent pharmacy owners across the United States to drive business growth since 2001. PDS focuses on four quadrants of business: finance, team, growth, and operations. By acknowledging the challenges in the ever-changing pharmacy industry, PDS supports its members and helps them take control of their business, move forward with clarity, and win with confidence. For more information on how to partner with PDS, please visit


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