NFTBOOKS Bridges the Gap Between Authors and Readers to Spread the Knowledge of NFTs

NFTBS envisions transforming the world of book-readings, making it more affordable and accessible to many people. The platform is working towards the mission to bridge the gap between authors and readers.

Sydney, NSW, Australia, Jan. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NFTBOOKS has created a model that brings the cheapest value to Readers and sure profits to Authors while gradually wiping out the increasingly and dominant painful situation of countless "pirated books." With the concept of "paying for what people use at a reasonable price," as well as taking advantage of today's rapid growth of blockchain technology, this platform is an essential need of time.

NFTBOOKS company founders, right from the start of the project, aspired and pursued the ambition of inventing a platform where Authors can freely publish their books built on blockchain technology and have direct access to Readers while eliminating all the intermediaries involved. In addition, this innovation will, in return, help to reduce book prices so that Readers can have access to copyrighted books at the most affordable cost. Mainly, books being sold as an NFT built on blockchain will help eliminate almost 99.9% of pirated books which is the norm of the day and the most significant money loss issue to authors and publishers.

The mission of NFTBOOKS is to bring the cheapest value to Readers. Instead of being free, the makers have created a tiered model. It made the competition among tiers more pronounced, and Readers will be the ones who gain the most benefit from this competition," Mr. Chau Nguyen – NFTBOOKS Co-founder confirmed.

The competition among tiers occurs the most obvious amongst Authors. It will no longer be a minor rivalry or "favor" from publishers. NFTBOOKS has raised this competition to a new level of fairness. All are evaluated based on technical parameters, which helps Authors enhance their writing skills more eloquently and logically, improving their work quality while reducing reading costs. The fairness in this ecosystem is also reflected in the fact that people who share their knowledge and financial wealth can own a stable passive income. NFTBOOKS can sustain itself from there.

At NFTBOOKS, An Author plays an essential role in the project, who in return is the most privileged in terms of profits. Just by owning the publishing rights of any work, or as a journalist, anyone can become an Author. Uniquely, NFTBOOKS will bring two types of "profits" to Authors: a Fixed Fee which can be received once when publishing a book, and a Flexible Fee, which is the cost per transaction for the Author who has already owned a final product.

The reader is the end-user and the most crucial aspect of NFTBOOKS. The number of Readers is proportional to the attractiveness of NFTBOOKS. The founding team also emphasizes that the platform users will be limited to the cryptocurrency elite because they are creating a platform that is so simple to use that just a touch of a button is all users need to use their platform's technology. They further emphasize that even the less tech-savvy older generation that enjoys reading will also be able to navigate through their platform as smoothly as possible.

Moreover, NFTBOOKS also brings a new "reading culture" and creates a channel that connects Authors and Readers based on sharing methodology, which results in more reading and more readers. Eventually, the books and authors obtain the value which they deserve. If users have books, magazines, or newspapers, they can become authors by publishing their work. If they want to read a book, they simply need to spend a minimal amount (estimated at USD 0.001 to USD 0.00001) to borrow a book.

About NFTBOOKS: It has built a competitive ecosystem without barriers between Authors. The project is born to make a profit, but it is the profit of the authors, readers, and investors and enables authors to sell as many books as possible and they are currently and still having passive income over time.

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