Gex Management Inc. Signs Technology Transfer License with BCII Enterprises Inc. Receives 10 Million Common Shares

Dallas, TX., Jan. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gex Management Inc (GXXM:OTCPK) signed a “white label” license with BCII Enterprises Inc. to enable that company to utilize GXXM’s DeFi Protocol technology. GXXM received 10 million common shares of BCII as compensation.

Mr. Joseph Frontiere (CEO of GXXM), said “This is another example of how GXXM’s in house technology and team can become revenue generators. Recently the company received 10 million shares of Quad M Solutions Inc. (MMMM: OTCPK) and a minimum of $100,000/month for technology support. Earlier last year, GXXM also received 1 million common shares of Dais Corporation for providing funding and future technical aid. We anticipate closing several other deals over the near future. We expect these equity positions to continue to grow and add to our true underlying value. Presently they represent over $10 million of value. The Company also will benefit from the movement of nearly 9 million GOATX tokens when that utility token begins trading in the near term.”

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GEX Management, Inc. is a Management Consulting company providing high end Strategy and Enterprise Technology Consulting solutions to public and private companies across a variety of industry sectors.

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