PDS and Scriptera Partner to make Independent Pharmacies Better, Stronger, and more Profitable.

Lake Worth, Florida, UNITED STATES

Lake Whales, Fl, Jan. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PDS, a leading pharmacy business strategist bolstering independent pharmacies, and Scriptera, a pharmacy technology and data company, announced today their new strategic partnership. The companies will offer PDS members a way to generate revenue from their de-identified pharmacy claims data through a unique, no-cost revenue share program.

“We are excited to introduce our members to Scriptera,” says Elaine Ladd, Chief Pharmacy Officer – PDS. “By taking advantage of the services Scriptera offers, pharmacy owners will be able to capitalize on the market level data they already have, rather than letting a third party take that revenue. Scriptera is opening up a new cash flow source that doesn’t require our members to do anything other than let their data work for them.”

“Scriptera and PDS are two companies who completely align with our number one goal of seeing Independent Pharmacies succeed,” said Kevin Laxer, CEO Scriptera, Inc. “The main mission of Scriptera is to reinvigorate the pharmacy business by unlocking the power of data and bringing this hidden value back to our pharmacy partners. Partnering with PDS will enable Scriptera to continue to rapidly grow our dataset and network of participating pharmacies, who are all driven to see change in the pharmacy space. PDS exemplifies everything we at Scriptera are looking for in partners and participating pharmacies. We could not be more excited to work together with PDS to bring this unique opportunity to their members in the coming weeks.”

Now more than ever, we need to create innovative solutions that support Independent Pharmacies’ success. Together, PDS and Scriptera are committed to transforming how pharmacies can benefit from harnessing the power of their data collectively.

About PDS

About Pharmacy Development Services (PDS): PDS is headquartered in Lake Worth, Florida and has been partnering with independent pharmacy owners across the United States to drive business growth since 2001. PDS focuses on four quadrants of business: finance, team, growth, and operations. By acknowledging the challenges in the ever-changing pharmacy industry, PDS supports its members and helps them take control of their business, move forward with clarity and win with confidence. For more information on how to partner with PDS, please visit www.pharmacyowners.com.    


About Scriptera

Scriptera creates and identifies specific opportunities for our partner pharmacies to participate in with a zero-cost platform. The mission of Scriptera is to unlock a diverse set of revenue opportunities with more precise and faster insights than ever before for all our pharmacy partners. Aggregation of data enables Scriptera to bring a multitude of companies together to better serve patients and enhance our partners bottom line. Scriptera specializes in data and sales solutions for pharmacies, wholesalers, manufacturers, and life science companies. Scriptera's team has deep relationships with all these stakeholders to truly understand and identify their unmet needs.



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