Naxos Books and Naxos en Español release a First of its Kind Classical Music Book for Children in Spanish, “Mi primer libro de música clásica”

By Genevieve Helsby
Illustrated by Jason Chapman
Translated by María Cortina-Borja, Cristian Martínez Vega, and Jefferson Rodríguez

FRANKLIN, Tenn., Jan. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Naxos Books and Naxos en Español launch the Spanish version of “My First Classical Music Book”, “Mi primer libro de música clásica.” “Mi primer libro de música clásica” is a charmingly vibrant introduction to classical music, designed to fire the imagination of children from preschool to early elementary school age. An online playlist accompanies the book – filled with delightful music that illustrates the information in the book.

Music includes classic pieces by Mozart, Beethoven, Haendel, and even modern classics by John Williams and John Adams. Readers are asked to think about the different places in which we might hear music. Then, each of the major composers and musical instrument families are introduced and brought to life in a vivid and enchanting way.

Classical music can be found and appreciated everywhere. “Mi primer libro de música clásica” encourages children to listen for classical music wherever they go – from the cinema to the theatre and from weddings to the concert hall. Throughout the book, children are referred to the accompanying online playlist, so that they can hear examples as they read.

The publication of “Mi primer libro de música clásica” is important because there are few resources on the market that introduce Spanish-speaking children to classical music in their own language. Moreover, the few children’s books on music are aimed at babies or very young children. This material is also unique in that the few Spanish-language music books for children are accompanied by a CD, rather than an online playlist to guide them musically.

Children will learn about the main composers and the instruments of the orchestra while listening to musical examples on the playlist. This is an exceptional book of its kind, stimulating children’s eyes and ears. The music on the playlist includes the track “Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone” by John Williams, “Carnival of the Animals” by Saint-Saëns, “The Planets” by Holst, “Peter and the Wolf” by Prokofiev, “The Dance of the Sugar Plumb Fairy” by Tchaikovsky, among many more tracks.

About the Author

Genevieve Helsby is the Editorial Manager at Naxos Books and has previously been the Literary Editor at Chandos Records and an Editor at Oxford University Press. Genevieve has an MA in Music from The University of Durham and is the author of “Meet the Instruments of the Orchestra!” (also from Naxos Books).

About the illustrator

Jason Chapman's varied career includes large-scale illustrations for museums in London, Chicago and Singapore. He has also illustrated a number of books, publications and products, including illustrations for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, an animal welfare organization in the United Kingdom.

Book details

ISBN: 978-1-78198-425-3
Barcode: 9781781984253
Subject classification: Music
Publisher: Naxos Books
Language: Spanish
Includes: Full-color illustrated book plus Online Playlist
Price: $20.00
Format: Hardback
Size: 250mm x 250mm (9.8 x 9.8 inches)
Extent: 68 pages
Age Range: 5-7
Author: Genevieve Helsby
Illustrated by: Jason Chapman
Translated by: María Cortina-Borja, Cristian Martínez Vega, and Jefferson Rodríguez
Rights: World
Publication date: January 2022

About Naxos en Español

Naxos en Español is part of Naxos of America, one of the divisions of Naxos Music Group, producer of Naxos Records and the largest distributor of classical music recorded globally. The mission of Naxos en Español is to bring the best music to the Spanish-speaking world. Its objectives are:

1. Make it easier for Spanish-speaking audiences of all ages to learn, enjoy and experience good music.

2. Present Spanish-speaking audiences with albums, videos, interviews, and playlists by Ibero-American artists and composers.

3. Be a source of information on the works of the greatest classical composers and artists in history, in a way that is understandable and relatable to Spanish-speaking audiences.

4. Transmit the knowledge of the musical and cultural expressions that enhance the countries of Ibero-America.

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