Tom O'Halleran Visits Mobile Solar Startup New Use Energy Manufacturing Facility in Tempe, AZ, to Discuss Reaching Isolated Arizonians With No Access to Power

TEMPE, Ariz., Jan. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  United States Congressman Tom O'Halleran (D'1 AZ) visited New Use Energy's (NUE) manufacturing facility today to discuss how government can more positively interact to support startup technology companies and to exchange views on how to make it easier to bring power to Arizonians living far from the electrical grid. Congressman O'Halleran inspected NUE's Sunkit mobile solar generator that is manufactured in Tempe and deployed nationally after disasters and as an affordable solar off-grid solution. Lee Feliciano, COO
of New Use Energy, and Al Maag of the Veterans Medical Leadership Council of Arizona (VMLC) presented VMLC's project that brings solar-powered
refrigeration to disabled diabetic veterans on the Navajo Nation that does not have access to the electrical grid.

Congressman O'Halleran stated, "I am excited the see the future of disaster recovery: the ability to take care of our citizens in tough situations in America and throughout America, identifying how to help our veterans and our families in need on a consistent basis, and also to make sure that we have a thought process moving forward that innovation is part of the foundation of America, that is what has made us strong historically and that's what will continue to make sure strong now and into the future."

Paul Shmotolokha, CEO, said, "Having a visit from Cong. O'Halleran meant a lot to a young company such as New Use Energy. The congressman delved into our portable solar solutions and asked a lot of questions about how it can be used to better the lives of everyday Arizonans.  He was particularly interested in our emergency management solutions, our second life solar initiative with Arizona State's Photovoltaic Testing Laboratory, and our lithium battery-based off-grid solutions that are helping veterans on the Navajo Nation."

"Based on his questions and comments, the team felt that Rep O'Halleran has a good grasp of the challenges we face as a small business in the rapidly growing mobile solar space," said Lee Feliciano, COO of NUE."  We look forward to working with Rep O'Halleran and his team to help develop policies and initiatives that support innovative solutions by small businesses like ours in the clean energy space."

New Use Energy is fast establishing a track record of leading the alternative power solutions to the use of portable gasoline generator after extreme weather disasters. In 2021, NUE's solutions were deployed after the great Texas Chill, California and Colorado Wildfires, the Pacific Northwest Heat Dome, Hurricane Ida, and the devastating tornadoes in Mayfield, KY. NUE's solar-powered lithium battery solutions range from ultra-portable PowerPacs to the Sunkit solar generator to leading-edge solar trailer designs, as well as innovative lightweight highly portable solar panel solutions. For more information, contact Paul Shmotolokha

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