Cyber Yachts NFT Metaverse Project Featuring Quavo Signs TRAN$PARENT and Malachi Cooper

PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cyber Yachts, the world's first metaverse yacht company, developed by next-generation cryptocurrency Bitcoin Latinum and Monsoon Blockchain Corporation, in partnership with A-list music artist Quavo is announcing the signing of world-renowned, award-winning artist TRAN$PARENT and award-winning yacht designer Malachi Cooper, to create this ground-breaking NFT collection consisting of 888 extraordinary yachts.

Joshua Leidolf, the gallery award-winning artist known as TRAN$PARENT, is an American based entrepreneur, humanitarian, NFT and crypto enthusiast, world traveler, and journalist. He is known in the art community as the father of transparent luxury currency and commodity art.

Residing in the Ft Lauderdale and Miami area, TRAN$PARENT was painting and drawing from an early age, collecting rare international currency, and exploring creative photography in over 50 countries. He always had the dream of making the world's currency as vibrant as the people who use it. 

TRAN$PARENT specializes in museum quality, ultra-fine transparent currency and commodity art from all over the world. To date, he has created every American denomination from the $1 to the $100,000 bill, in addition to international pieces such as Euros, Pounds, Swiss Francs, Shekels, Pesos, Yens, Yuans, multiple credit cards, coins, and crypto currency pieces.

With vibrant color palettes and an array of materials, TRAN$PARENT continually experiments with the formal qualities of his pieces. His works have been featured at international fine art fairs such as Scope Miami Beach, the Philadelphia Fine Art Fair, Fine Art Market Hamptons, NY and others including solo exhibitions in Palm Beach and Chelsea, NYC. His works are presented in major galleries across the US and Europe and his collectors include Sir Richard Branson, the Bugatti family, DJ Khaled, Steve Aoki, Manny Pacquaio, Dwyane Wade, and Pitbull. 

Joining TRAN$PARENT in designing the Cyber Yachts collection is Malachi Cooper, a world renowned yacht designer. Cooper's designs include the fastest luxury catamaran in the world, a 350' mega yacht, projects at NASA, and he earned the Innovative Yacht Award at the Cannes boat show.

Cooper's career spans over 19 years of experience, beginning with a degree in Industrial, Product and Marine Design. He is currently designing the world's fastest turbine powered luxury boat in collaboration with the Sheikh of Qatar and Steve Curtis (an English powerboat racing champion).

Cyber Yachts will be exclusively offered on the UnicoNFT marketplace for sale in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Latinum. The purchase of Cyber Yacht NFT's will come with experiential bonuses, such as access to Miami yacht parties and more. Bitcoin Latinum formed a partnership with A-list musical artist Quavo, of Migos, to co-brand the Cyber Yachts NFT collections. 

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Unico, in partnership with Bitcoin Latinum, launched an NFT marketplace called UnicoNFT that features thousands of digital artworks that can be bought and sold exclusively with Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Latinum (LTNM), and will include the new collections of Cyber Yachts. This is the world's first platform that enables the option of buying, selling and trading NFTs using cryptocurrencies other than Ethereum type currencies. The total market for NFT's reached $40 billion in 2021, up from $100 million in 2020. The market for NFT's is rapidly approaching that of the global fine art market, valued at $50 billion. Grayscale says the metaverse is a trillion-dollar market opportunity.

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Bitcoin Latinum was built as an open-architecture cryptocurrency technology, capable of handling large transaction volume, cybersecurity, and digital asset management. Based on the Bitcoin ecosystem, Bitcoin Latinum was developed by Monsoon Blockchain Corporation on behalf of the Bitcoin Latinum Foundation. LTNM is a greener, faster, and more secure version of Bitcoin, and is poised to revolutionize digital transactions.

Unlike other crypto assets, LTNM is insured, and backed by real-world and digital assets. Its asset backing is held in a fund model, so that base asset value increases over time. It accelerates this asset-backed funds growth by depositing 80% of the transaction fee back into the asset fund that backs the currency. Thus, the more Bitcoin Latinum is adopted, the faster its asset funds grow, creating a self-inflating currency. This highlights Bitcoin Latinum Foundation's commitment to supporting the growth of a sustainable crypto ecosystem.

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