Clean Battery Generators From Dory Power for Indoor Backup of Home Furnace and Appliances

Clean, automatic and durable backup power and portable power

CLEVELAND, Jan. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Power outages in winter is of grave concerns for families and households to stay warm and comfortable. While the gas/diesel generators are polluting, noisy, and only for outdoor uses, Dory Power company, an innovative manufacturer located in Cleveland, Ohio, produces portable battery generators to provide clean, automatic and long-time backup power. The Dory battery generators have no emissions, no noises and no vibrations during usage, making them perfect for indoor use. 

The battery generators from Dory Power are designed for fully automated backup, with an automatic switch installed inside. They just need to be plugged in between a wall outlet and the home furnace to be backed up. No need to install a costly transfer switch. When the grid power is available, the electrical power of the furnace is supplied from the wall outlet, while at the same time the Dory battery generators will be charged to full. Upon a power outage, the Dory battery generators will be automatically switched to battery mode, within 10 milliseconds, to supply battery power to the furnace. When grid power restores, the electrical power of the furnace will be automatically switched back to the grid power, leaving the battery in standby mode.   

Currently, Dory Power offers three portable battery generators:

The Dory B7000 battery generator is the most powerful portable battery generator in the world. Using a Dory B7000 could power a home furnace for 3-5 days, depending on the furnace model. Two or three Dory battery generators can be connected in series to extend the backup time. Using two connected B7000 can back up a home furnace for 6-10 days. 

"Per hour use, the Dory battery generators only cost about $0.8 on the charged electricity and capital cost. The life expectancy of Dory battery can last over 10 years, or charged/discharged for more than 40000 hours, while a portable gas/diesel generator can only be used for 1000-2000 hours," explained Amy Young, business manager of Dory Power.

The safety of Dory battery generators is strictly controlled through three layers of safety management. The batteries used in Dory battery generators are the safest lithium iron phosphate batteries. The batteries have been certified to the UL 1642, IEC 62619 and UN38.3 standards, for safety and performance under extreme application conditions. The Dory battery generators are manufactured with the highest standard of quality, in an all-metal structure and enclosure. They are designed for plug and play, no installation and no maintenance needed. 


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Dory B7000 battery generator can provide 3-5 days of automatic backup power for a home furnace

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