Asure’s New Technology Integration With Certegy Helps Businesses Offer Secure, Convenient, and Lower-Fee Check Cashing for Unbanked Employees

Austin, Texas, UNITED STATES

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Asure Software, Inc., (Nasdaq: ASUR), a leading provider of cloud-based Human Capital Management (“HCM”) software solutions, today announced a new partnership with Certegy, a leading provider of payment and risk management technology for retailers and financial institutions.

Connecting Asure’s 80,000+ Payroll and HR business customers with Certegy’s Positive Pay program enables these businesses to now offer their unbanked employees more options when cashing their paper checks. In turn, this increases our business customers’ ability to retain and recruit employees.

Certegy's Positive Pay program enables quick approval for checks on record while preventing fraud. The information provided by check issuers is used to validate checks upon presentment at 100,000+ retailers throughout the US. This validation process greatly reduces risk for check cashing retailers, which allows these retailers to assess a lower check-cashing fee to customers of enrolled companies.

Certegy’s Positive Pay program protects check issuers from fraud while offering consumers hassle-free access to funds through a fast, frictionless check cashing experience.

Asure’s business customers benefit by reducing payroll fraud while concurrently allowing their unbanked employees to conveniently cash checks with lower fees.

“Adding this secure payment integration to our technology suite is yet another innovation that powers the growth of our business customers. In today’s marketplace, companies need every edge to onboard workers. Offering employees the ability to cash their checks with lower fees at over 100,000 locations is a distinct competitive advantage that our customers can leverage to win more workers,” said Pat Goepel, Chairman and CEO of Asure.

About Certegy

Certegy is a leading provider of payment and risk management technology for retailers and financial institutions across North America. Certegy’s technology allows businesses to expand their payment mix with ACH payments, leveraging proprietary authorization systems, algorithms, and risk assessment decision-making platform to provide low risk, low-cost transactions via mobile, web, and point-of-sale. For over 60 years, Certegy has managed risk by staying at the forefront of payment innovation, using sophisticated proprietary technologies to process, verify, and warranty ACH and check transactions for more than 4,000 retailers, corporations, and financial institutions at more than 100,000 retail locations. To learn more, visit

About Asure Software

Asure (Nasdaq: ASUR) is a leading provider of Human Capital Management (“HCM”) software solutions. We help small and mid-sized companies grow by assisting them in building better teams with skills to stay compliant with ever-changing federal, state, and local tax jurisdictions and labor laws, and better allocate cash so they can spend their financial capital on growing their business rather than back-office overhead expenses. Asure’s Human Capital Management suite, named Asure HCM, includes cloud-based Payroll, Tax Services, and Time & Attendance software as well as human resources (“HR”) services ranging from HR projects to completely outsourcing payroll and HR staff. We also offer these products and services through our network of reseller partners. Visit us at

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