Purrini™️ PlayMate: The Best Modular Pet Toy Where Family Creativity and Pets' Fun Become One!

SEATTLE, Jan. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pet owners tend to purchase various toys to keep their pets entertained. Our little friends get tired of their toys very often and none of the toys last long to capture pets' interests. Purrini recently came up with a Lego-like modular pet toy called "PlayMate". With extended life cycle and enhanced playability, this is an one-of-a-kind modular toy that is equally engaging for humans and animals. While people get to use their imagination building PlayMate into any type of structure, the small pets get to climb, jump, and lounge on it.

Fun for Pet Owners
PlayMate is a lot like our favorite building-block toys, except that when finishing building, the creation is life-size. As deep as our thoughts and ideas run, as plentiful as they are, it is never going to get to the end of all the fun times that PlayMate has to offer.
At any time, it is effortless to change the shape of PlayMate, figuring out another configuration.

Fun for Small Pets
Easy to disassemble, easy to change the shape at any time, Purrini™️ PlayMate provides a diverse play environment for pets at any time. By changing the configuration frequently, your pets will never get tired of PlayMate.
PlayMate is designed to be safe and steady, staying in place once you have set it up. Cats (or small dogs) will be able to crawl, jump, or nap – whatever he or she desires. Whether your cat is a little heavy and loves to take long rests, or extra light and bouncy, PlayMate is secure enough to be their playland.

Key Features

  • Solid Structure: Velcro straps + stainless steel frame make everything tight and straight
  • Water Proof: The PlayMate panels are 100% water resistant.
  • Environmentally Friendly and Lightweight Material: Made of eco-friendly felt, Purrini™️ PlayMate panel weighs less than 6oz each and still holds up to 32lbs.
  • Sturdy and Anti-scratch: Purrini™️ PlayMate is designed to be durable to cat scratches.

Full details and imagery can be accessed here: shorturl.at/krEP8

Pricing and Availability
Purrini™️ PlayMate will launch for pre-orders on Indiegogo in mid-February with super early bird perk starting from 79USD. The product is expected to be delivered right after their campaign.

More information on Purrini official website: https://www.purrini.com/


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