California Start-Up Helps Bridge Student Tech Divide

Gizmogo makes a donation that makes a difference to a Baltimore school

BALTIMORE, Jan. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In an effort to help close the technology gap, California tech start-up Gizmogo made a donation of technology and funds to a Baltimore area school. This past Tuesday, Good Morning America presented Gizmogo’s donation of 40 refurbished tablets and $5000 to the classroom of Baltimore teacher Robin Palomeres.

This donation will help Mrs. Palomeres' students have equal access to technology in the classroom and continue Gizmogo’s mission of reducing e-waste by extending the life of devices. As an inner-city teacher, Mrs. Palomeres often struggles with having enough devices for her students. With this donation, she will be able to provide each student with their own individual device as well as give them opportunities for hands-on learning both at school and at home. We applaud Mrs. Palomeres' dedication to her students and hope this donation will help each of those students get what they need to succeed.

Impact of E-Waste

Gizmogo is a company focused on responsibly repurposing e-waste and extending the product lifecycle of devices. E-waste refers to used electronics such as old phones, laptops, and tablets that get thrown out or recycled. Although e-waste represents only 2 percent of America’s trash, it comprises more than 70 percent of the country’s overall toxic waste. Furthermore, according to the World Economic Forum, 50 million tons of e-waste are produced each year globally, and experts say that number could double by 2050. Additionally, if used electronics are not properly recycled by a professional, hazardous chemicals like cadmium, lead, mercury, and more can leach into the soil and water, threatening the community at large, but tossing your device in a drawer and forgetting about it can result in the device being stolen, making your sensitive data accessible.

Gizmogo provides a solution to the e-waste crisis by providing a simple mechanism by which consumers can dispose of their old devices and receive cash in return. Through a simple online process, Gizmogo purchases used electronics from consumers and then processes them to ensure all personal identifiable information (PII) is permanently scrubbed from the device. Besides data security, Gizmogo also provides customers with the highest reimbursement value on the market and will take more types of devices than any other similar service. CIO Steven Vasquez says, “We’ll take anything from phones, laptops, drones, iPods, televisions, speakers, headphones... You name it, we’ll buy it from you!”

So rather than allowing your old electronics poison the planet, collect dust, or fall into the hands of a malicious stranger, Gizmogo urges you to sell your unwanted devices to them instead. Gizmogo makes it easy for people to quickly and securely sell their gadgets at the highest possible price and walk away with cash, knowing the device will be properly wiped of all private information and responsibly recycled.

Company Summary

Founded in 2020, Gizmogo makes it easy for people to quickly sell their used gadgets at the highest possible price and walk away with cash. Gizmogo puts each device through a rigorous data deletion process, ensuring the destruction of all private information. If you have any questions about Gizmogo’s environmental initiatives or selling old devices, please do not hesitate to contact their PR department at

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Teacher Robin Palomeres receives generous Gizmogo school donation