American Cruise Lines' "Project Blue" will Double the Nation's Capacity for Domestic Cruises AboardInnovative Hybrid Catamarans

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Miami, FL, Jan. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Welcoming a new class of 12 small catamaran-style cruise ships beginning in 2023, American Cruise Lines sought out the award-winning hospitality interior design firm, Studio DADO, to outfit their fleet, Project Blue, which merges American-built small ships with high-end luxury river cruising—creating a new hybrid style catamaran vessel smaller than the conventional cruise ship.

Bringing forth an unprecedented expansion for American Cruise Lines, Project Blue is the largest order of non-ferry, U.S.-built, and flagged passenger vessels for decades. A practical domestic alternative to ocean expeditions, their go-anywhere agility combines adventure with the luxury of the finest river cruises. Inspired by the elegance of time-honored classic sailing voyages, Studio DADO’s contemporary designs for the staterooms, suites, lounge areas, and dining salon mirror the American brand’s ethos in providing an exclusive, personalized experience that is glamorous yet understated, boasting natural, nautical themes and simple details that complement the breathtaking views of the open skies and seas.

“Having been given the opportunity to work on this unique and first-of-its-kind, hybrid vessel we felt the interiors needed to speak to this new way of cruising. Inspired by traditional sailing, our approach to design was to provide an open-air experience on the water, showcasing stunning views with a nod to Americana sea exploration along the scenic coasts. Influenced by plush tranquility, each space onboard the vessel aims to bring the outdoors in, allowing passengers to traverse the sea in an intimate excursion akin to that of a handcrafted sailboat” - design lead and Studio DADO Founding Partner, Jorge Mesa.

Allowing the comfortable onboard of 109 guests, each ship in the new fleet will be 241 feet long, 56 feet wide, and feature the hybrid catamaran design that enables both shallow draft access and stable sailing along lakes, rivers, bays, and America’s coastlines.

The polished modern spaces curated by the DADO design team feature 56 commodious staterooms—including a range of large standards, suites, and singles—nearly all with private balconies.

“We engaged each space as a unique homage to the diverse landscape that is America, a celebration of rich historical precedence. The shape of the ship was an inspired choice and we wanted to reflect that with the interiors. We hope that guests aboard this ship will feel a personal sense of exploration as they experience each space on their voyage” - Studio DADO Director, Jessica Therburg.

The lush observation and sitting areas will be available at the bow, both inside and outside, showcasing an expansive forward lounge with 270-degree views creating a seaside retreat in a serene atmosphere. The DADO-designed dining salon—with a wholly new-fashioned approach—brings a new opportunity to travelers, particularly those with a taste for minimalistic splendor. The space claims an air of West Coast elegance that transforms from day to night while setting the stage for a multitude of culinary offerings panned against wide ocean views. At the stern, the ships will have a new adventure deck equipped with activities to please all passengers. DADO’s efficient designs and the integration of environmentally friendly technology make these the greenest small cruise ships in the U.S.

The first two ships will debut along East Coast itineraries and will be named American Eagle and American Glory—namesakes of the company’s first two small U.S.-built ships.

*Additional design details for American Cruise Lines Project Blue by Studio DADO forthcoming.

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Project Blue, Grand Suite. Designed by Studio DADO American Cruise Line's Catamaran Style Ship, Designed by Studio DADO

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