InsiderFinance Announces Complete Toolkit for Retail Traders

The toolkit was designed with simple guiding principles: better data leads to better trading returns, and powerful visualizations support faster trade decisions.

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InsiderFinance, a leading financial intelligence company, is officially announcing its complete trading toolkit designed for retail traders. The first-of-its-kind product provides retail traders with the data, tools, education, and community necessary to earn consistent income in the financial markets with any asset class and compete with large institutions. 

Until recently, the tools available to retail traders were very fragmented. Major financial institutions have considerable resources at their disposal when considering or executing trades. In order to acquire similar levels of resources, retail traders would have to purchase multiple products from several different companies, which was a costly process. 

The InsiderFinance team recognized the need for retail traders to have access to the same data and tools that these institutions use. The launch of the new toolkit is the company's first step in its attempt to democratize the world of financial data and instruments. By providing retail traders with a robust toolkit of institutional-quality data and analysis that works for any asset class at an affordable, all-inclusive price, InsiderFinance is able to give the common investor access to resources that would otherwise cost hundreds of dollars per month. 

"Hedge funds on Wall Street have used their advantage for years to earn outsized returns, and we believe in democratizing access to the financial markets so everyone has the opportunity to participate," said Robert Hibbard, co-founder of InsiderFinance.  

Retail traders need to be able to generate and validate trade ideas, understand technical analysis to support trade decisions, assess the market sentiments, and apply risk management strategies to protect their capital and achieve success in the financial markets. With InsiderFinance's real-time algorithmic trade ideas and signals, retail traders can find and validate trade ideas with ease. The software's proprietary algorithm analyzes the full populations of each individual data source available within the platform, including options flow and dark pool prints, to filter out the noise and only show high-potential data that increases the trader's chance of success. 

The toolkit includes an automated technical analysis feature that leverages a four-point confirmation system to accurately predict when traders should buy and sell assets. The platform also incorporates automated stop losses as well as take profit levels for risk management purposes. With premium news from over 150 reputable sources analyzed for sentiment and visualized for easy analysis, users can efficiently extract important information to power their investment decisions. 

With competing platforms, the financial tools and analysis features can be difficult to understand and use. This is especially counterproductive when the purpose of such platforms is to enhance and simplify the trading experience. InsiderFinance's platform was built to demystify complex financial topics and present them in an easy-to-understand fashion so anyone can learn to use them, not just financial experts. 

The intuitive and simplistic nature of InsiderFinance's toolkit is what allows retail traders to gain a competitive advantage within the markets without having to possess a financial degree or years of experience in the field. Powerful data and analysis are undoubtedly important, but the need for both strong educational resources and a supportive community is equally as critical for retail traders. For this reason, InsiderFinance offers both the data and guidance necessary for retail traders to succeed through its continuously expanding resource library.

"We founded InsiderFinance to level the playing field for any investor in the market," said Trey Huffine, Hibbard's partner and fellow co-founder. "Our mission is to educate the normal investors and give traders of any experience level the data, tools, community, and education to profit from trading any asset class."

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InsiderFinance provides the data, tools, education, and community traders need to succeed in the financial markets. Our robust platform makes big data and complex technical analysis easy to understand and simple to use, giving traders of any experience level the tools and actionable insights for better and quicker data-driven decisions in trading any asset class. Combined with comprehensive education and a supportive trading community, InsiderFinance is the most complete platform for retail traders to level the playing field with institutional investors.

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Our automated technical analysis tool accurately predicts when to buy & sell any asset class using a 4 point confirmation system and also includes automated stop losses and take profit levels for risk management.

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