ApplyBoard Reinvents How Higher Education Institutions Navigate the Global Talent Competition with First Ever Insights Tool

The SaaS tool is part of AB Solutions, the first-ever suite of software designed exclusively for institutions

Kitchener, Ontario, CANADA

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, Jan. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Shifts in international student trends have been transformed and accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing higher education (HE) institutions to make recruiting decisions with an incomplete view of the sector and student preferences. ApplyBoard, the EdTech platform revolutionizing the international student journey, is helping HE institutions solve this problem with the launch of the ApplyBoard Insights Dashboard.

The ApplyBoard Insights Dashboard will help HE insitutions make important choices in recruiting top student talent from around the world through the use of the latest study abroad data and emerging student market trends.  

With the global talent competition in full force, ApplyBoard’s Insights Dashboard helps Canada’s HE institutions drive the diversity of student populations forward. For the first time institutions can leverage customized data visualizations of government and industry data that they can review and act on. It’s crucial for Canada to continue to fuel its innovation and a big part of that success is made possible by institutions attracting and retaining global talent. Canada is hoping to reach its highest-ever immigration totals over the next couple of years and has set a goal of reaching 411,000 in 2022. 

“AB Solutions offers the opportunity to build new knowledge and ApplyBoard’s Insights Dashboard provides Canadian institutions with something every organization wants: actionable knowledge,” says Meti Basiri, CMO and Co-Founder of ApplyBoard. “It’s our priority to help inform our school partners of the latest trends, but also take it one step further to contextualize industry and government data into key takeaways and insights.”

ApplyBoard’s Insights Dashboard is the first-ever SaaS tool of its kind that offers comprehensive data sets in the international education space and also shows schools how their recruitment efforts are performing by using benchmarking against their peers, within their province, and the rest of the country.

“The Insights Dashboard’s visualization of multiple data sets through charts and graphs has allowed us to quickly identify trends and make strategic decisions on international markets,” says Saurabh Malhotra, Senior Manager, International Recruitment and Market Development at Fanshawe College.

Student visa numbers across destination markets point to a wave of students looking to study abroad. Canadian institutions can expect to face the sector's largest single-year application increase in 2022. In order to meet the needs of all international students, institutions need to act proactively to manage this influx of students.

“The release of ApplyBoard’s Insights Dashboard comes at a timely moment when Canadian universities and colleges are expecting a double cohort effect from international students who are eager to study abroad. One of the biggest challenges institutions are now facing is how to accommodate all of the demand and process their applications,” says Basiri. “The Insights Dashboard was designed to keep schools at the forefront of the latest data in the international student space.”

More than 10 Canadian colleges and universities have already started using the tool and are interested in diversifying their school campuses. AB Solutions is only available for Canadian institutions at this time, but there are expansion plans in the works.

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