Hopebridge Autism Therapy Centers to Hire up to 4,000 Employees in 2022

Autism Service Provider Expanding Access to Pediatric Care in Upcoming Year by Opening up to 40 New Centers

Indianapolis, Jan. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- To meet the growing need for pediatric autism services around the country, Hopebridge Autism Therapy Centers plans to hire up to 4,000 employees in 2022. One of the largest autism therapy healthcare providers in the nation, Hopebridge expects to expand its reach even further by opening up to 40 new centers, bringing these new hires to more than 140 locations by the end of the year.

“With the CDC’s recent news that the rate of autism spectrum disorder has increased to 1 in 44 children, it’s imperative that access to quality services expands alongside it,” said Hopebridge CEO Dennis May. “In order to give these children the best possible care during their key developmental years, Hopebridge is bringing passionate, qualified behavioral health clinicians even closer to home for many of these families who require more support.”

To widen its reach for diagnostic services and one-on-one therapy this year, Hopebridge plans to expand our team by adding at least 400 Board Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBA), 3,500 registered behavior technicians (RBT), and up to 100 clinical psychologists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists (SLP) and other industry professionals.

Hopebridge’s 2022 expansion is in part due to its acquisition of Autism in Motion Clinics (AIM). This new partnership enables the two brands to enhance the lives of even more individuals with autism through their combined efforts. Hiring will continue in AIM’s service areas, with hires expected in Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, in addition to Hopebridge’s existing locations in Florida, Colorado, Arizona, Indiana, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina and Ohio.

Last year, the autism service network continued to provide essential care to the children it serves, and hired more than 4,000 new employees across a range of disciplines. This included creating over 500 new jobs across 20 new therapy centers, with more to come.

“The ‘Great Resignation’ has influenced career paths for many, however Hopebridge has allowed our teammates the chance to create new, fulfilling careers,” said Hopebridge Chief Human Resource Officer Leigh Crick. “Our employees are able to advance along their career paths both vertically and laterally through on-the-job-training, continuing education and collaboration with other disciplines, in addition to new job opportunities that are unique to Hopebridge. We’re looking for passionate individuals that want to make a difference in a child’s life.”

In addition to creating jobs in the new year, Hopebridge’s dedication to growth and learning for both its children and its employees stems from a range of career advancement opportunities at all levels. Those looking to elevate their careers from within Hopebridge have access to:

  • Grand Rounds
  • Development programs to level up in their own roles
  • Company-sponsored CEUs
  • Exclusive training opportunities like PEAK training
  • Research partnerships with Vanderbilt, Baylor, Florida Institute of Technology, Arizona State University and ICHOM
  • Students aspiring to become BCBAs, OTs and SLPs can take advantage of unparalleled mentorship, supervision hours and clinical rotations at Hopebridge through the Fellowship (BAF) Program and Fieldwork Experience Program.

Hopebridge recently announced their sponsorship of ICHOM’s Autism Spectrum Disorder Standard Set (ASDSS), a research initiative set to revolutionize data-tracking and drive value-based healthcare in the industry. Clinicians at Hopebridge will have the unique opportunity to participate in the research and implementation of this first-ever study, with an impact that will be felt for years to come for clinicians, children with autism and their families. 

Hopebridge offers a unique and collaborative, interdisciplinary approach that allows the team to create personalized plans of care aimed at meeting the needs of each child through diagnostics, applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

For a complete list of Hopebridge centers and services, visit hopebridge.com/centers. To learn more about job opportunities with Hopebridge, visit hopebridge.com/jobs.

For a complete list of AIM Clinics, visit, https://aimclinics.com/about-aim/locations.

To learn more about job opportunities with AIM Clinics, visit https://aimclinics.com/careers/overview.


 About Hopebridge

Hopebridge was founded in 2005 to serve the growing need for autism treatment services and to improve the lives of affected children and families. Hopebridge is committed to providing personalized outpatient ABA, occupational, speech and feeding therapies for children touched by autism spectrum disorder and behavioral, physical, social, communication and sensory challenges. Hopebridge provides a trusted place where they can receive the care, support and hope they deserve.

More than a decade later, Hopebridge and AIM Clinics continues to open state-of-the-art autism therapy centers in new communities under the Hopebridge and AIM Clinics brands to reach patients and families who need services. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Hopebridge operates over 100 centers in the following twelve states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio and Tennessee.




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