GOWIN Semiconductor USB 2.0 PHY Interface and Device Controller IPs Achieve USB-IF Certification

SAN JOSE, Calif. and GUANGZHOU, China, Jan. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GOWIN Semiconductor Corp, the world’s fastest-growing programmable logic company, obtains USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) certification for its USB 2.0 PHY Interface and Device Controller IPs upon passing compliance testing at Granite River Labs, a USB-IF Authorized Independent Test Lab (ITL).

Earlier last year, GOWIN announced their FPGAs now offer the industry’s first USB 2.0 PHY Interface and complementing USB 2.0 Device Controller IP. GOWIN also announced additional solutions for UVC (Universal Video Class) and UAC (Universal Audio Class) support, a new product line of USB peripheral bridging ASSPs and native OS driver support for a variety of solutions. Additional and expanded solutions are anticipated to be announced over the course of Y2022 showing fast and continuous growth in USB support and capabilities by the company.

GOWIN’s patented USB solutions continue to be designed in to end products, and the USB 1.1 and 2.0 PHY and Device Controller IPs were aggressively tested against the USB 1.1 and 2.0 CTS both by GOWIN and by Granite River Labs (GRL), a USB-IF Authorized Independent Test Lab (ITL). The USB-IF reviewed the compliance test data submitted by GRL and approved certification of GOWIN’s USB 2.0 PHY Interface and Device Controller IPs for Littlebee and Arora FPGA devices, which makes GOWIN the first FPGA company to provide integrated USB 2.0 PHY support and compliance.

“GRL performed USB 2.0 Peripheral Silicon Compliance Testing on GOWIN’s PHY Interface and Device Controller IPs for Littlebee and Arora FPGA products,” said Quintin Anderson, Chief Operating Officer at Granite River Labs. “The products passed the USB-IF Compliance Program’s rigorous test requirements, achieved USB-IF certification, and were added to the Integrator's List in early January 2022.”

“FPGAs in production applications are often more limited in interface connectivity, throughput testing and support than their ability to adequately and efficiently process data. The fully programmable USB interface solutions on GOWIN FPGAs allow product developers to communicate over one of the most common electrical interfaces in the industry,” said Grant Jennings, Senior Director of International Marketing at GOWIN Semiconductor.    “There are still interfaces that FPGAs do not support or that lack compliance. This often results in solutions that do not make it to volume production or have subtle underlying issues in the field. Achieving USB 1.1 and 2.0 certification on our PHY Interface and Device Controller FPGA IPs is a testament to GOWIN’s ability to not only innovate, but support those innovations to production products.”

GOWIN will offer a webinar in Q1Y2022 providing additional information on their FPGAs with USB 2.0 PHY and controller capabilities. It will also cover additional link layer solutions available from GOWIN including UVC (Universal Video Class), UAC (Universal Audio Class), HID (Human Interface Device), USB HSIC (High Speed Inter-Chip), HUB designs and more.

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