Astteria Opens Luxury Jewelry Showroom in Florida

London, Jan. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Astteria is a luxury jewelry brand that sells high-end colored diamonds to a global clientele. What started as a small family business has become one of the best luxury jewelry brands that designs precious gemstones, white diamonds, and other fine jewelry products. 

This year, Astteria has opened a new showroom in Florida. Floridians who love luxury jewelry can now enjoy the experience of visiting an Astteria showroom to inspect the gemstones and view the high-end jewelry in person. The Astteria team are experts in diamonds and gemology, not just sales people. They cut and polish their diamonds and are true jewelry enthusiasts who give clients exactly what they’re looking for.

Astteria’s Showroom in Palm Beach

Astteria has locations in London, New York, and now Palm Beach where clients can get consultations for custom-made pieces. The brand has created a wonderful experience for its global clientele, with a dynamic display of colorful diamonds and gems set in carefully paired precious metals. 

Christina described her experience with Astteria this way, she states, “I found the best combination of quality, service, price, delivery, packaging, and style with Astteria.” And over 100 clients have given Astteria 5 stars for their service and attention to detail.

The brand is bringing this tailored experience to a new showroom in Palm Beach, Florida. Palm Beach is full of people passionate about high-end fashion and expensive luxury, and that is what this showroom will be all about. 

Anyone interested in buying colored diamonds or other fine jewelry items can visit the Astteria website and browse through an extensive collection of high-end jewelry. The Astteria showroom has a dynamic collection of jaw-dropping pieces that will be easily accessible to the elite market in the region. Each piece has a unique design, and all the diamonds are carefully curated to ensure quality.

Instead of flying to London to view the jewelry, customers can now visit the showroom to get a better idea of the high-quality jewels that Astteria has to offer. Especially their lustrous collection of colored diamonds.

Jewelry enthusiasts are welcome to visit Astteria’s showroom to learn more about the quality of the gems, browse through their jewelry collection, and have a more individualized shopping experience. The Astteria team consistently updates all the jewelry on display to ensure clients always have new pieces to see.

The showroom is located in Palm Beach, Florida (125 Worth Ave Palm Beach, FL 33480, USA). Bloggers, jewelry enthusiasts, and influencers are welcome to visit and have the whole Astteria experience. All visitors can view the jewels if they book an appointment on the website. 

About Astteria Jewelry

Astteria’s team dedicated their lives to creating beautiful and exquisite jewelry. The beauty and uncompromising quality of every piece of jewelry in the Astteria collection have come to define luxury and elegance. Astteria prices are also very competitive to make luxury jewelry more accessible to international clients.

Astteria jewelers use the highest level of perfection to elevate the beauty of every Astteria masterpiece into a timeless work of art. Astteria is also known for its excellent expert jewelers with artisans that spend countless hours designing breathtaking pieces. These experts are world-leading craftsmen specializing in sculptural goldsmithing, gem setting, and micro pave setting. 

At Astteria, these artisans can bring your diamond fantasy to life with a unique custom design. Astteria has many clients from around the globe, and the brand has vast experience working with all age groups and cultures. Now, Astteria brings its services to Palm Beach, Florida, to give more access to an American clientele.  

Astteria’s Company Bio:

Astteria is an in international jewelry company with a tailored and personal approach to jewelry design. They have world-class craftsmen like George Hadary (George the Jeweller) and artisans who create the excellent pieces seen on their website but can also produce custom pieces. With all the products GIA certified and a wealth of experience, they have solidified themselves as the epitome of class and luxury.


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