Certell’s Poptential™ Teacher-Base Sees 70% Growth in 2021

Indianapolis, Indiana, UNITED STATES

INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Certell, Inc., a nonprofit online curriculum developer, announced that the number of teachers using its Poptential™ social studies curriculum packages grew by 70% in 2021, a sign that teachers are looking for ways to infuse lessons with popular culture and digital storytelling to reach digital native students. Click to tweet.

Poptential is a family of free digital course packages for social studies that illustrate lessons with pop culture media and other multimedia for effective, dynamic learning. Course packages include ebooks, lessons, bell ringers, quizzes, and tests, along with pop culture media to make lessons interesting and relatable to students. Curriculum packages are standards-based and developed by social studies teachers.

Poptential course packages are available for U.S. History, World History, Government/Civics, and Economics.

“The strong growth in the number of teachers using Poptential course packages shows that teachers are looking for quality social studies curricula that can be used in the classroom as well as for remote instruction,” said Fred Fransen, CEO of Certell, Inc.

In 2021, Poptential also added several product enhancements, including:

  • Spanish language versions of its U.S. History and Government courses, eliminating the need for teachers to translate texts.
  • Integration of Kahoot! quizzes in U.S. History and World History courses. Prepared kahoot quizzes are included in each unit, saving teachers preparation time and effort.

In addition, Poptential was named a 2021 Tech&Learning Best Tool for Back to School, and is a 2021 Tech Edvocate finalist.

Poptential courses are available free at www.certell.org.

About Certell, Inc.
Certell is a 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is to create informed and engaged citizens by supporting innovative teachers who are disrupting the traditional civic education system. Certell is the creator of Poptential, a family of free social studies courses that pair pop culture media with engaging digital storytelling for effective, dynamic learning. Poptential is used by teachers in all 50 states, and has been named a 2021 Tech&Learning Best Tool for Back to School, and is a 2021 Tech Edvocate finalist. For more information, go to certell.org or on Twitter @CertellOrg.

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