Pharmacy Development Services Announces Partnership with Datarithm

Lake Worth, FL, Jan. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) is pleased to add Datarithm as a new strategic partner. Datarithm is a cloud pharmacy inventory management system that helps pharmacy owners take the guesswork out of inventory management. Bringing Datarithm on as a trusted PDS partner grants PDS members access to resources that can help manage their largest investment and biggest expense - Rx Inventory.

“Inventory optimization is an essential component in effective pharmacy management. Unfortunately, it can also be very time consuming,” said Elaine Ladd, Chief Pharmacy Officer - PDS.  “Datarithm offers our members an automation tool that manages it for them. Better management of Rx inventory allows for greater operational and financial success. Ultimately, this gives them more time to focus on the clinical needs of their patients.”

With over 40 years of team experience in pharmacy inventory optimization, Datarithm’s software is highly specialized to help pharmacies streamline and automate inventory tasks while improving profitability and customer service. PDS members that use Datarithm can expect to see pharmacy operations optimizations such as:

  • 20% reduction in inventory
  • 5.7-point improvement in inventory turns
  • Inventory turn rate of 22X (industry average 12x-13x)
  • Increase in profits, cashflow, and liquidity

“Datarithm allows you to control your inventory instead of your inventory controlling you. Our software is partnered with leading names in pharmacy management to help PDS pharmacies, of any size, take the cash off their shelves and put it into their bank accounts,” Dave Belinski. “We recognize that independent pharmacy owners are busier than ever, and we are proud to offer them a solution that not only saves them time but allows for business growth.”

About Pharmacy Development Services (PDS): PDS is headquartered in Lake Worth, Florida and has been partnering with independent pharmacy owners across the United States to drive business growth since 2001. PDS focuses on four quadrants of business: finance, team, growth, and operations. By acknowledging the challenges in the ever-changing pharmacy industry, PDS supports its members and helps them take control of their business, move forward with clarity, and win with confidence. For more information on how to partner with PDS, please visit


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