IT IS US! – The First To Pronounce: Flottman Company, Inc. Announces a Day of Celebration on February 14th in Anticipation of a Bengals Super Bowl Victory!

Flottman Company Inc. has determined to halt production on Monday, February 14th in anticipation of a Bengals Super Bowl 56 WIN!

Crestiew Hills, Kentucky

Cincinnati, Ohio - Northern Kentucky, Jan. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Flottman Company Inc. is a 100 plus year old commercial and pharmaceutical printer based in Northern Kentucky.  It is a woman-owned business in its third generation of family leadership. The company’s team of 37 employees has relentlessly supported and celebrated the Cincinnati Bengals successes throughout this entire season.  Like the rest of our city and the surrounding region, the Bengals team, the Brown family and the “Who Dey Nation,” Flottman Company employees have cheered together as the Bengals have overcome challenge after challenge and emerged successful. This unique team has delivered!


Flottman Company Inc. will be marking Monday, Feb. 14th as a day off in anticipation of VICTORY for the Cincinnati Bengals National Football team and in recognition of this momentous occasion for the entire greater Cincinnati region.


According to Sue Flottman Steller, President of Flottman Company, “we are ecstatic to share in this momentous occasion with our city and our team.”


The management team at Flottman Company has faith that the Bengals can overcome this final challenge and become Super Bowl 56 champions!  Therefore, February 14th will be a celebration of this victory by a thrilled Bengals Nation!  In honor of the Cincinnati Bengals and our love of Joe Burrow, Zac Taylor, Ja'Marr Chase, and the entire Cincinnati Bengals team, all of our employees will be granted the opportunity to celebrate the Bengal’s Super Bowl 56 victory.


Join us in celebrating the Bengal’s Super Bowl performance – “WHO DEY!”

The Flottman Company, Inc. is proud to be the first to announce to the Bengals nation, “It is us!”


IT IS US! – The First To Pronounce Flottman Company - part of the Who Dey Nation

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