SFIO Appoints Experts Across F&B, Real Estate, and Technology onto Advisory Board

NEW YORK, Feb. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Starfleet Innotech, Inc. (OTCPink: SFIO), a leading asset management company and innovation group, is pleased to share details around the advisory board it has assembled to lead its global expansion plans across its core divisions.

Dear shareholders and valued business partners,

I am pleased to finally be addressing you all on behalf of Starfleet Innotech, Inc., following the formalization of our new company name. Our friends in the media have already begun updating their databases to reflect this change, so expect to be seeing more of Starfleet across your feeds as we mobilize our communication efforts around our roadmap for 2022.

In my last address, I shared a comprehensive look at our strategy towards uplisting to the Nasdaq within the next three years. This strategy revolves around our three core divisions: Food and Beverage, Real Estate, and Technology. As we expand our global footprint and scale across these three sectors, we must be able to effectively anticipate and stay ahead of the nuanced forces shaping each facet of our growing conglomerate. To do this, we have gathered a truly remarkable advisory board, bringing decades of expertise and perspective to SFIO’s leadership team.

With perhaps the widest breadth of experience on the team, Roger Oriel serves as an advisor on our board, commanding decades of experience as a businessman, investor, and enterprise leader. Roger is the chairman of the board of wine distributor Napa Valley Distribution, and of Premier Asia Pacific Real Estate and Development, the developer of one of our major real estate projects in the Philippines, Lombard by the Bay. Most recently, Roger joined the board of directors for BayaniPay, a California-based fintech firm bridging millions of Filipinos based in the US with their families in the Philippines. Roger will also be providing strategic guidance on our communications efforts, pulling from his experience as the CEO and publisher of Asian Journal Publications, a US-based multimedia publishing company focused on the Filipino diaspora community, and as the chairman of the board of Trending Entertainment, an entertaining company focused on immersive streaming platforms.

Also supporting our communications efforts on our advisory board is Vince Caruso, the founder and CEO of enterprise marketing firm FMW Media Works Corp. Through FMW Media Works, Vince oversees the production of New to the Street, a monthly business news show that profiles public and private companies for an audience of 83.1 million US households. He is a serial entrepreneur and marketing expert, having led projects spanning fitness, ecommerce, and the metaverse. As we continue to broaden our efforts in technology development, Vince will be an invaluable asset to our team, ensuring our stakeholders are kept abreast of our progress.

On the point of technology, we are thrilled to have Stanley Yang advising our pioneering work in technology development. Stanley is the CEO of NeuroSky, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based biosensor solutions company innovating on the frontlines of body and mind analytics. NeuroSky’s wearable devices range from smartwatches to brainwave monitoring headsets. It’s this work in mass market brain-computer interface technologies that has made him a global leader in the field, closely collaborating with Fortune 500 industry leaders and innovative independent developers alike. For our real estate developments, we are hard at work building data-driven wellness systems for healthier and more resilient communities. To support our efforts building the data gathering tools necessary for those systems, there are few business leaders with the same depth of expertise that Stanley brings to the table.

Finally, Jose Gerardo Noble—Jinggoy, as we call him—rounds off our advisors, bringing over 25 years of experience across banking, stock brokering, and real estate. He’s a licensed real estate broker, currently serving as the Deputy Sales Head of SM Development Corporation (SMDC), managing roughly 500 of the company’s organic sellers. Under his leadership, his team at SMDC has generated over $600 million in sales over the past two years. While it was his deep well of experience leading real estate projects that first drew us to Jinggoy, it’s his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for F&B that sealed the deal. Beginning with his first Metro Manila-based restaurant franchise in 2012, he now manages over a dozen branches of multiple F&B brands, a restaurant service management company, and a cloud kitchen concept.

Just as we trace SFIO’s roots back to the first Epiphany Cafe we founded in New Zealand, we are blazing a trail forward through F&B, fueled by our real estate efforts, and enabled by our technology initiatives. We have set out to accomplish a bold mission and developed a comprehensive, cross-divisional strategy to achieve it. As such, we’ve assembled a similarly bold and multi-disciplinary board of advisors to guide its execution.

As we progress towards our goal of uplisting to the Nasdaq, we will continue to grow our advisory board, as well as our voting board, through similarly strategic appointments. Through their individual networks, their experience in their respective fields, and the diversity of perspectives they command as a group, our board members will play an integral role in SFIO’s journey these next few years. We could not ask for a better team to help steer this ship.

Once again, I would like to thank you all for your continued support and generous guidance as we shape our shared future as a corporate community. On behalf of Starfleet Innotech, Inc., our division leaders, and our new advisors, I am thrilled to have you onboard this journey with us.


Jeths Lacson
CEO and Chairman of SFIO

Forward-Looking Statements: Certain information disclosed in this letter contains forward-looking information. These information are not guarantees of future performance of SFIO and readers should not place undue reliance on them. Such forward-looking statements necessarily involve known and unknown factors. Although forward-looking statements contained in this letter are based upon what the company believes are reasonable considerations and opportunities, there can be no assurance that these will prove to be achieved, as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. SFIO undertakes no obligation to update forward-looking statements if circumstances or the CEO’s estimates or opinions should change.

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