Daniels Corporate Advisory Company, Inc (OTC - DCAC) Announces Retention of Prestigious Strategic Advisory Firm International Monetary


New York, New York, Feb. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Daniels Corporate Advisory Company is pleased to announce the contract signing for retention of Newport Beach CA based International Monetary ("IM") to work with the Company’s virtual network of in-house financial and operational advisory personnel.

Arthur D. Viola, Board Chairman, stated,” I know Blaine Riley for at least ten years and am glad our Strategy Advisory teams will now be working together to further the Company’s expansion efforts. Blaine will co-manage and sponsor our proven corporate strategy consulting model because of his stature as a top advisory firm. The use of his established network to create the layered capital structure to finance merger and acquisition opportunities in Corporate Advisory / Strategy Consulting / Merchant Banking is a big advantage. Through our combined M&A efforts and subsequent integration of target companies, Daniels will inherit the target’s depth of management and experienced professional personnel. Their long-standing client relationships will create cross-marketing opportunities for the Daniels incubator to build. Regular News Releases will be provided when an event is material in nature.

Daniels (“DCAC”) currently has two established core businesses – (a) as a proven incubator of promising start-up and early-stage candidates (as subsidiaries) and (b) Spin-off Advisory/Merchant Banking of the most promising of the candidate subsidiaries followed by its registered public offering. Payless Truckers, Inc., our premier subsidiary, continues to produce strong results. (Our 10 K filing at the end of February 2022 will evidence that fact in the MD&A Section.) The possibility of its spin-off, a partial spin-off, or equity sale to private equity of a small percentage of Payless will be considered later in the year based on a very preliminary valuation of 3X – 5X Revenue. Some of the financing raised in any private or public equity/debt offering will be used to clean up the float of the Parent (“DCAC”). The balance of the funds raised will be used to add Class 8 long haul tractors to our rental fleet.

Blaine and his team will direct a series of expansion initiatives to enhance shareholder value and ensure continuing liquidity. Mr. Riley states, “We will introduce the company to a nationwide brokerage network comprised of broker-dealers and investment banks focused on the micro-cap and small-cap sectors. We will also leverage our relationships with these investment banks and work to secure select analyst coverage to open the door to millions of potential investors and shareholders to begin to unlock the true value of Daniels’ (“DCAC”) under-valued securities. Continues M.B. Riley. “Through our investment banking and strategic advisory arm, we will harness the power of a large network of accredited investors, institutions, funds, underwriters, and lenders who provide early stage and later stage financing. To that affect, we will adapt to the Daniels Corporate Strategy Model and make it attractive for new subsidiary/clients to see their potential enhanced by retaining Daniels.

About International Monetary:

Founded in 1997, IM recognized a need to provide investment banking services with the speed and precision that is required in the new internet and technology economy. IM focuses on turnaround situations and rapidly growing small companies, specializing in debt/equity financing of under $1 billion. IM is led by a team of Managing Directors that offer a number of strategic advisory services including providing capital resources, structuring financing for M&A, international licensing/commercialization, retail product/service distribution, advertising and marketing, and shareholder enhancement services. To learn more about IM, go to: www.intlmonetary.com

Press Release Contact:
Arthur D. Viola
Board Chairman & Development Officer