FEG Introduces SmartDeFi™ – a Revolution in Digital Assets

GLASGOW, Scotland, Feb. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via CryptoCurrencyWire -- The FEG project ("FEG," “FEG Token” or “FEGtoken”) today introduces SmartDeFi™, its revolutionary cryptocurrency launchpad platform.

Cryptocurrencies provide a fantastic opportunity to discover and invest in leading-edge technology and innovative solutions. Crypto technology has begun to radically revolutionize how people interact with each other, with the arrival and adoption of public financial ledgers, virtual reality via metaverses and much more. Approximately 3% of the world’s population has successfully capitalized on this new technology — a figure that has grown more than 2,300% in the past two years (according to Chainalysis.com). Since the beginning of 2021, the use of and investment into crypto has become more widely accepted as an alternative to traditional banking, as well as to stocks, commodities and even lending.

As with any burgeoning industry attempting to gain adoption, crypto has sometimes received a negative stigma as high-risk, particularly due to the perceived threat of theft and the comparatively high volatility. While there are inherent risks associated with investing in crypto assets, the revolutionary SmartDefi technology developed via the FEG project is setting a new standard for safety, security and functionality, providing investors with peace of mind and opening the world of crypto to investors across the globe.

SmartDeFi™ is a launchpad and investing platform that decentralized finance (“DeFi”) projects, charitable organizations and even companies or governments can use to create and trade a new crypto asset. These assets, typically called “coins” or “tokens,” equate to a share of ownership and can often provide investors with dividends (called “reflections”), high yields on vested portfolios (through “staking” functions) and the potential for significant return on investment through capital appreciation. Prior to the emergence of SmartDeFi, early crypto investors often faced a significant risk of becoming the victim of “rug pulls” or other financial theft. Additionally, and especially in the case of smaller tokens, an investment’s value could plummet within a matter of minutes as the result of malicious activity, rumors or any number of factors — quickly erasing significant value.

Liquidity, or the liquid capital required for trading of crypto assets on the open market, is automatically locked into SmartDeFi™ smart contracts for eternity. Because of the cryptographic properties of the blockchain, this liquidity cannot be removed, which makes tokens “rug proof.” In addition, the SmartDeFi™ launchpad prevents malicious properties such as a “honeypot,” which would otherwise allow investors to buy but not sell their investments. These and other key features prevent financial theft, such as was seen with the high-profile “rug pull” of Squid Games, a scam using the likeness of the Netflix television series to gain popularity.

SmartDeFi™ has also created the de facto gold standard in crypto through the development of a revolutionary asset backing technology. With every transaction, a small fee is levied and routed to a ledger that is entirely separate from the liquidity used to conduct market trading. This second pool of funds is permanently locked and can never be accessed, except through a function known as “burning” tokens. As transactions occur over time, this asset backing pool builds and creates an inherent value that cannot go down. Should an investment’s market price drop below the asset backing price, an investor can elect to burn their tokens and receive their share of the asset backing pool. Much like the gold standard that previously backed several national currencies, SmartDeFi™ provides a similar assurance in what is an evolution for digital asset investors

Not only is SmartDeFi™ the most secure means of investing in the growing crypto market, but it also provides a groundbreaking new way for investors to leverage their holdings. SmartLending enables holders of any SmartDeFi™ token to take a 30-day loan, completely interest free, using the asset backing value of their holdings. Whether to pay for emergency medical care, to capitalize on an upcoming token launch or for any other real-world needs, this SmartLending technology introduces an easy and secure way for investors to utilize their holdings without being required to sell. This access to funding is truly landmark and can help investors plan for urgent expenses without the need to sell their valuable assets.

With protections against “rug pulls” and similar financial scams, the FEG Token project’s SmartDeFi™ technology has introduced a token launchpad and investing platform that offers greatly enhanced security for investors. In addition, many of the risks associated with significantly higher volatility are greatly reduced with the introduction of the SmartDeFi™ asset backing, or gold standard, technology. Finally, the SmartLending functionality allows investors to take care of real-world expenses without the need to sell their investments and provides second-to-none peace of mind. While nothing can take away all risks associated with investing in crypto, investors across the globe can now rely on the SmartDeFi™ badge to attain a much greater sense of safety, security and financial freedom.

About FEG and SmartDeFi™

SmartDeFi (SmartDeFi.com) is the revolutionary cryptocurrency launchpad platform built by the FEG Token project and is a key component of the decentralized finance (DeFi) crypto exchange FEGex | The future of crypto exchange. FEGex (or “FEGexchange”) currently operates on Ethereum Mainnet and Binance Smart Chain and will soon expand to several other leading blockchains. FEG is dedicated to providing safe, secure and easy access to crypto markets through the development of cutting-edge technology.

In addition to SmartDeFi, FEGex also offers asset growth opportunities with fWrapping technology, portfolio tracking with FEGtrack, high-quality crypto market charting with FEGcharts, staking rewards and much more. The entire FEG ecosystem is built around and powered by the FEG Token.

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FEGtoken Official Telegram – https://t.me/FEGchat

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