Sendinblue Launches First Email Campaign Carbon Calculator Allowing Companies to Tie Campaigns to Carbon Footprint Objectives

New Study Shows Environmental Impact of Average Email Campaign

SEATTLE, Feb. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Following a comprehensive analysis, Sendinblue, the leading all-in-one digital marketing platform, today announced results of a project to calculate email’s carbon footprint, determine the environmental impact of email campaigns to help companies measure environmental impact and increase footprint reduction. The project highlights the social responsibility that companies must consider, and pinpoints how additional CO2 emissions can be avoided by pivoting company operations and adding new platform integrations.

According to the analysis, Sendinblue found one email produces 0.174 g of CO2, whereas a letter sent by mail produces an average of 19.5 g of CO2, confirming email’s sustainability over traditional mail. To put this into perspective, an average Sendinblue campaign of 2,000 emails produces 350 g of CO2, whereas one 30-second television ad in the US produces twice the level of emissions. Furthermore, the analysis revealed Sendinblue customers save around 707,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually when using email instead of mail.

Additionally, Sendinblue measured the environmental impact of direct emissions, such as heating company facilities, indirect emissions, such as purchasing electricity for company facilities, and unowned indirect emissions, such as business travel and purchases and found the company produced the equivalent of 4,552 tons of CO2 in 2020. After Sendinblue’s leadership team reviewed the analysis, the company identified four ways to directly reduce its carbon footprint, which includes: educating employees to make responsible decisions, developing a company CSR purchasing policy when selecting new providers, identifying and supporting environmental initiatives, and developing new features to reduce the platform’s carbon impact.

“This analysis has revealed companies should rely on email for communication and has informed our decision to integrate new changes to our platform, like creating sustainable email templates and adding an expiration date for emails, to minimize impact on servers,” said Steffen Schebesta, CEO and VP of Corporate Development at Sendinblue. “This is a step on our journey to environmental sustainability. We must hold ourselves accountable as our planet continues to warm - and this analysis sets a standard for our industry, illustrates a clear framework to take action and shows our partners and consumers that we are taking responsibility by creating actionable steps to limit our emissions.”

To continue the sustainability journey, Sendinblue developed an emissions simulator for its platform, which provides customers an opportunity to calculate an email campaign’s carbon output. The simulator reveals CO2 emissions based on monthly emails sent and is adjusted based on location.

The Sendinblue carbon footprint analysis was conducted by Aktio in 2021 to enhance its corporate social responsibility strategy and inform future platform integrations. For more information on the new program, the full report can be found here.

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