Brigade Automation Corporation is Reinventing the Sandbag-Filling Process to Expedite Water Flood Protection and Humanitarian Efforts to Communities

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Brigade Automation Corporation (BaggerBot), a San Jose, California-based startup, has literally reinvented the "sandbag"-filling process and minimized human interaction with the bagger machine itself.

The company's patented, robotic technology minimizes the amount of human labor required to operate the machine and is capable of running 24 hours a day. The BaggerBot can produce up to 1,600 filled bags per hour, can accommodate over 140 different types of bags, and is capable of filling wet or dry contents up to 1.2" in diameter.

The engineers at Brigade Automation Corporation created The BaggerBot with one goal in mind — to revolutionize the way that we respond to weather and climate disasters.

Many companies have tried to create bag-filling solutions to combat the onslaught of climate change and natural disasters, but none have incorporated the ability to automate the entire bag-filling process like Brigade Automation Corporation's BaggerBot.

The lightweight design gives the Baggerbot the mobility to be trucked to any destination — on-demand — and the flexibility to be used for a multitude of different applications. The bags can be filled with sand, gravel, coffee, tea, etc., and, remember, the BaggerBot can accommodate over 140 different types of bags consisting of either wet or dry contents up to 1.2" in diameter.

The BaggerBot's 24/7 operating ability and minimal reliance on human physical labor sets it apart from competitors in the same space. Why? The majority of those companies do not provide fully "autonomous" bagger systems like the BaggerBot, which incorporates a patented robotic technology. Those companies still use manual labor to either fill their bags by hand or use inefficient machinery which (again) still requires demanding physical labor.  

BaggerBot was designed to maximize efficiency while reducing and eliminating the risk of human limitations, all with the focus on supporting communities impacted by climate change and weather disasters.

The United States is Bracing for Trillions in Losses From Climate Change

In the United States alone, over four billion sandbags are produced each year (source) and, based on current trends and according to ASCE's 2021 Report Card, the U.S. needs to invest nearly $6 trillion by 2029 to protect against massive economic losses (source). BaggerBot meets a pressing need for better resources to protect against increasingly extreme weather patterns while also serving as an invaluable resource for other high-demand applications, such as erosion control, military operations, landscaping, and construction.

For more information about the BaggerBot and to learn more about our goals to help communities: contact Thomas Burns, President / CFO, Brigade Automation Corporation at 408.230.6567 or visit our web page to invest at equity crowdfunding platform StartEngine.

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BaggerBot: a mobile, highly sophisticated robotic machine that rapidly and safely produces sand and gravel bags to prepare and protect communities against natural disasters and other weather emergencies

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