Jairo Gonzalez & The Harvest Academy Educate Financially in a Crypto World

Harvest Trading Academy is an institution founded by Jairo González CEO of Harvest Trading Cap


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MIAMI, Feb. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The last few years have seen new financial technologies (Fintech) revolutionized significantly, specifically in the aftermath of the Covid-2019 pandemic where the world entered a major economic crisis.

From this point on, people started to become interested in this type of income, but they did not have much information and above all the knowledge to invest. Jairo González CEO of Harvest Trading Cap, seeing the uncertainty of the people, proposes and commits to teach through the Harvest Trading Cap Academy which was already founded and gave classes, but since the pandemic they do it with another approach.

Jairo González and Gregorix Polanco executive director of Harvest Trading Cap Academy has been dedicated in recent years to train professionals in the area, where they teach everything about trading, and how to properly use the currencies of this new era. The academy seeks to invigorate the economy not only in the Dominican Republic but around the world, teaching strategies and the true function of cryptocurrencies and new technologies.

Currently they have been developing the trading and cryptocurrency modality, dedicating themselves to providing online and face-to-face courses to train high quality professional traders. The courses are taught in 7 modules, which can be taken in 3 months. Students learn all about Fintech, taught in various modules; basic, intermediate and advanced. These trainings cover all markets such as: London, Tokyo, Japan, China, USA and Cryptocurrencies which have been revolutionized in recent times, although they have been generating profits for many years.

It is time to change the traditional mindset that encapsulates the belief that cryptocurrencies are an easy world used for bad things, to colour outside the lines and use the information intelligently and wisely, making the most of it. This is the reason why Harvest Trading Cap and Harvest Trading Cap Academy feel committed to guide everyone who has decided to join this Fintech universe and let them know that the growing cryptocurrency revolution over the years is providing great benefits to mankind and that it is a reality and should be put to the right use.


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