Suntex Enterprises, Inc. - Leading CBD Company Expands Horizons

Las Vegas, NV, Feb. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Suntex Enterprises Inc. (OTC Pink: SNTX) is pleased to update shareholders and the public about the Company’s ongoing commitment to advancement and revenue growth.

Budding Botanicals, a wholly owned subsidiary of Suntex Enterprises, Inc., continues to be the industry leader with innovative ways to connect with their audience and customers.

On Wednesday, February 9th at 2PM Central Time, and every week going forward, Budding Botanicals will be hosting an open to the public Facebook Live Event. The groundbreaking event will be hosted by Dawn Norby. Dawn Norby is the founder and inspiration behind Budding Botanicals. Mrs. Norby will be discussing her inspirational story of family struggle that led her to dedicate her life to her two great passions: the health of her family and the health benefits of cannabis and CBD. Mrs. Norby will be very candid about her own health struggles; her family’s health struggles and the extraordinary breakthroughs she and her family discovered with the introduction of CBD in their daily lives. Each week, Mrs. Norby will be featuring a different product available by Budding Botanicals. She will be outlining the benefits of the products and the uniqueness of each.Mrs. Norby formally invites everyone to participate in the event by logging into the Budding Botanicals page on

Budding Botanicals continues to grow rapidly as the Company expands its reach Nationally and now Internationally. Budding Botanicals has developed an affiliate program with a European company that will be utilizing the proprietary methods and products to generate sales throughout Canada, New Zealand and Europe. This company is an established marketer of products throughout the regions and has recognized Budding Botanicals as the perfect CBD products to market. This collaboration opens doors previously unavailable to Budding Botanicals and Suntex Enterprises. Although exact revenues to be generated are unknown at this time, estimates are significant and can increase overall revenues by as much as 40% in the first year of the affiliate partnership.

Suntex Enterprises along with Budding Botanicals is committed to growth. The Company has developed an outstanding foundation and is devoted to utilizing all the building blocks at the Company’s disposal to add resources that inevitably create value for the Company, the consumer and the shareholder. The Company will persist in the commit to growth through both acquisitions and internal development through 2022 and beyond.

Suntex Enterprises would like to thank the loyal customers of Budding Botanicals, Pumped CBD and Beauty by Design for their ardent devotion to the brands. Suntex Enterprises and Budding Botanicals could not continue to grow without the staunch support and patronage of the consumer. Developing the most outstanding products that improve quality of life for the consumer is the goal of Suntex Enterprises and Budding Botanicals. The Company believes growth is a side effect of quality.

Suntex Enterprises invites the public to follow future updates through the Company’s Twitter @Suntex110.

The public is also invited to follow Budding Botanicals on Twitter @BuddingCA.

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Lawrence Twombly, CEO

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