Super Bowl LVI Sees Advertising Boom as Marketers Get Back in the Game

Consumer search data from EDO, Inc. reveals top-performing spots, key trends and unexpected standouts as 30 new advertisers make their Big Game debut

NEW YORK, Feb. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For the seventh year, advertising data, measurement, and analytics software company EDO, Inc. has scored all national Super Bowl ads to reveal which drove the strongest consumer engagement. The rankings compare how effectively each spot drove viewers to search online for the advertised brand or product in the minutes after the ad airing.

“The Super Bowl is the single most engaging TV environment advertisers will see all year. Our data shows TV viewers who saw a spot during Super Bowl LVI were over three times more likely to search online for that advertiser compared to everyday primetime TV,” said Kevin Krim, President & CEO of EDO, Inc. “EDO’s data over the past seven big games shows that a single 30-second Super Bowl ad can drive millions of people to search and engage with the brand online.”

Here’s how the top 10 ads in the game stacked up by viewer engagement:

  1. Polestar - No Compromises
  2. Cue Health - Meet Cue
  3. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (Amazon)
  4. Kia - Robo Dog
  5. Nissan - Thrill Ride
  6. Coinbase - QR in Technicolor
  7. Toyota - The Joneses
  8. Disney+ - Moon Knight
  9. Netflix - The Adam Project
  10. Chevrolet - The All-Electric Chevy Silverado

A Rookie Dynasty

Super Bowl LVI saw 30 new advertisers, representing about 40% of the total advertisers in the game, per NBC.

Newcomer Polestar, the Swedish automotive brand, called out its EV competitors for greenwashing and lack of transparency in sustainable practices, Polestar earned the top-performing ad, per EDO data, which performed 23x better than the median Super Bowl LVI spot.

Coming in a close second in EDO rankings this year is Cue Health. Cue had the only Covid-19 related spot of the game. The ad features Gal Gadot lending her voice to the at-home digital diagnostic test and performed 22.5x better than the median Super Bowl ad this year.

Other rookie advertisers that had strong Super Bowl ad debuts were Meta (4x better than the median Super Bowl ad), Wallbox (3x), and Rakuten (1.3x).

Automotive Accelerates Electric Vehicle Advertising

The number of electric vehicle (EV) TV ads have quadrupled in recent years, from 8,100 ad airings in 2019 to 33,000 in 2021. Now, the EV ad trend has penetrated the Super Bowl.

Nearly every single automaker that aired a Big Game spot featured an electric vehicle, and for the first time ever, viewers also saw an ad for an EV accessory (Wallbox).

Kia had the next most successful EV ad, with 10.7x better performance than the media performing Super Bowl LVI ad.

Who Won the Crypto-bowl?

Crypto companies FTX,, eToro, and Coinbase all aired their first-ever Big Game spots this year -- with wildly differing strategies.

Coinbase took the simplest approach, with a multicolored QR code bouncing from corner to corner (which may have some viewers flashing back to that one episode of The Office). The approach worked: Coinbase had the most engaging crypto ad in this year’s game, earning 8x more engagement than the median Super Bowl LVI ad.

Coming in second is FTX (6.5x better performance than the median ad) with a spot that takes viewers on a trip through time with the confident, but always-wrong Larry David.

Top Celebrity Appearances
The top 10 celebrity appearances that drove consumers to engage with advertising brands online include:

  1. Dolly Parton - T-Mobile - PSA
  2. Morgan Freeman - Turkish Airlines - Pangea
  3. Jim Carrey - Verizon - Goodbye Cable
  4. Scarlett Johansson - Amazon Alexa - Mind Reader
  5. Colin Jost - Amazon Alex - Mind Reader
  6. Lindsay Lohan - Planet Fitness - What’s Gotten Into Lindsay?
  7. Seth Rogen - Lay’s - Golden Memories
  8. Peyton Manning - Caesars Sportsbook - Caesar and Cleo
  9. Idris Elba - - Idris Says Things
  10. Willie Nelson - Skechers - On the Road

“Two opposing themes drove the most engagement for Super Bowl LVI: newness and nostalgia. Combined with ample star power and humor, these themes proved to be a winning strategy for brands in 2022,” Krim concluded.

Read more in EDO’s Super Bowl LVI findings in our Ad Ranker Report.

About the Rankings
EDO scored every ad aired during Super Bowl LVI and ranked them based on the Search Engagement each generated. Search Engagement is EDO’s proprietary measure of the increase in online search activity for a brand or product in the minutes immediately following a TV ad airing. EDO also measured the Search Engagement for every celebrity that appeared in a non-entertainment ad.

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