Picsmart chooses Re:volt to optimize their fast grocery transport


The foodtech company Picsmart has signed a letter of intent with Clean Motion to optimize and implement a Re:volt fleet to suit their fast grocery delivery service.

Picsmart has signed a letter of intent to collaborate with Clean Motion in the final phase of the development of the Re:volt. The goal is to optimize the vehicle in a joint process to fit Picsmart's business model, in offering fast and sustainable deliveries from local grocery stores directly to the customer's home.
As part of the collaboration, the companies are planning to deploy a pilot-fleet, where data collection and analysis will be performed, as well as fine-tuning eventual specifications. The aim is to develop a product that can be easily integrated into their current fleet of vehicles and that will allow them to scale up the implementation of Re:volt in their operations.

"Picsmart is a really interesting company. They represent a fast-growing part of the transport market which makes them the right partner for us in the optimization of the Re:volt," says Christoffer Sveder, Director Commercial Operations at Clean Motion."

The Clean Motion’s go-to-market strategy for Re:volt is based the inclusion of customers and partners for the final steps of the development phase. In this process the company has invited certain companies to finalize the vehicle for various use cases and business verticals. The validation will take place by the roll of commercial pilots, starting at the second half of 2022.

Ludwig Dinsmore, Operations Manager at Picsmart says; “Clean Motion and their new vehicle Re:volt will contribute to further efficiency in our transport logistics. The collaboration also helps us to meet our customer's increased demand for fast, refrigerated, and sustainable home deliveries of food from local stores.

Re:volt is Clean Motion's latest vehicle for "last-mile" deliveries and urban environments. It has 5% of the CO2e footprint compared to other delivery vehicles. The solar cells on the roof allow for a minimal need of charging infrastructure, which both extends the vehicle's range and lifetime.

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For further details, please contact:
Christoffer Sveder
Director Commercial Operations, Clean Motion AB
Tel: +46 70 611 26 98

About Clean Motion AB
Clean Motion AB is a Swedish company that manufactures and sells electric vehicles. The company's vision is to develop truly sustainable products that a vast majority of the world's population can afford to use. The company's electric vehicles, Zbee and Re:volt, are lightweight and have a high energy-efficiency and thus a very good operating economy. Clean Motion provides the market with safe and energy efficient vehicles for a sustainable urban traffic environment.

Clean Motion AB is listed on First North at Nasdaq Stockholm. Certified Adviser is G&W Fondkommission, e-mail:, telephone: 08- 503 000 50.
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About Picsmart
We will take the grocery store to you - within 45 minutes!
Picsmart was founded in Stockholm in 2019 with a clear goal to make online food more efficient, personal and sustainable. Today, Picsmart is active in Greater Stockholm and collaborates with a network of local stores. Instead of having large stocks, the food is picked and delivered directly to the customer from the stores' unique and local assortment within 45 minutes. Customers are assigned a personal shopper with whom they can have direct contact in the store while the goods are hand-picked. Delivery home to the door takes place with 100% electric vehicles.