Jerome Karam Purchasing Mainland Crossing Shopping Center In Texas City

Friendswood, Feb. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Whats New Market Watch is reporting on Jerome Karam's purchase of the Mainland Crossing shopping center.

Jerome Karam Houston is synonymous with Texas real estate, having transformed over one million square feet of property within the last decade. Before joining the real estate development world, Jerome Karam was a practicing personal injury attorney, where he represented hundreds of clients with their claims. 

Jerome Karam, a graduate of Louisiana State University and Texas Southern University, is married to Leslie, with whom they have five children. Jerome states that he owes much of his success to the support of his family, who are a constant presence in his company, JMK5 Holdings, LLC.

While he made a name as an attorney, Jerome Karam's Houston heart was very much in real estate. Two decades ago, he plunged headlong into the world of redeveloping floundering properties and transforming them into bustling commercial districts. During the period, he has acquired, redeveloped, and sold millions of bucks in real estate and has completed 29 development projects in Texas and Louisiana. 

A list of commercial properties with Jerome Karam's footprints includes the Mainland City Center, Sunrise Village, Mainland City Suites, Texas Entertainment Experience, etc. Jerome Karam Friendswood also has a hand in several residential projects such as the Galveston Bay Club, Hideaway Estates, and Bayou Bend Estates.

One of Jerome Karam's recent acquisitions is the Mainland Crossing shopping center, located on 9300 Emmett F. Lowry Expressway in Texas. The center, measuring 135,000 square feet, faced a dismal future following the relocation of the crafts retailer Hobby Lobby. The exit of Hobby Lobby left only 35,000 square feet under active tenancy. 

However, that is going to change soon if the plan by Jerome Karam Houston is anything to go by. Even before the dust settles, JMK5 Holdings has attracted three key tenants at Mainland. Booker T's World Gym Arena and the University of Texas Medical Branch have shown interest in securing space at the center. 

If the history of JMK5 Holdings LLC is anything to go by, you can expect a flurry of activities at the center in due course as multiple service providers jostle for space, giving the residents a great shopping and outing experience.

Jerome Karam Houston and his company JMK5 Holdings LLC have made it their mission to place the community at the heart of every restoration project. For every project the company undertakes, the main objective has remained to stimulate the local economy. This is done by using local goods and services as much as possible. 

JMK5 Holdings LLC has always retained local contractors in their restoration works. Where necessary, the company has also brought in exogenous experience, which has immensely benefited the community. The challenge of revitalizing and giving old buildings a breath of new life has always been relished by Jerome Karam.


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