$ZUNA holders bullish for upcoming projects and new exchange listings. 

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho., Feb. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- $ZUNA holders remain bullish in anticipation for upcoming NFT Collection and NFT Marketplace. Once again, the team behind ZUNA delivers another groundbreaking way for investors to earn even more rewards. With several ways to earn within the ZUNA ecosystem, it’s no wonder that the community is confident in future growth.

Built In Rewards

Holder’s love $ZUNA rewards, and it’s not hard to figure out why. ZUNA was built with the investor in mind and has key tokenomics that set it apart from other cryptocurrencies.

Each transaction that takes place on PancakeSwap or a DEX triggers a 10% tax that feeds into the stability and growth of ZUNA.

5% of every transaction is shared between all $ZUNA holders that hold in a decentralized wallet, creating consistent reflection rewards regardless of the market. The longer someone holds ZUNA the more reflections they will earn.

The remaining 5% is sent to ZUNA’s liquidity pool and locked away forever. This is designed to stabilize trading and prevent any future liquidity issues that so many other projects suffer from.

Upcoming ZUNA Projects

ZUNA was officially launched on November 1st, 2021 and the team is months ahead of schedule for several projects releasing by the end of February.

Their upcoming NFT Marketplace, Zunaverse.io, is one of the first marketplaces built upon Binance Smart Chain. Zunaverse.io offers low fees, lazy minting for creators and a unique $ZUNA buy back system that will contribute to $ZUNA’s growth for years to come.

The team behind ZUNA is releasing a highly anticipated NFT Collection by the name of ZunaNauts. Owners will receive $ZUNA rewards for 36 months, and “partial ownership” of Zunaverse.io that will grant them a % of transactions that takes place on the marketplace.

ZunaNauts will be released exclusively on Zunaverse.io Lite Version, coming to the public before the end of February 2022.

Future Exchange Listings on The Horizon

$ZUNA is currently available on PancakeSwap and one of Southeast Asia’s top centralized exchanges, CoinTiger.com.

The team is currently in talks with several additional exchanges that rank top 10 on Coinmarketcap.

It is estimated that in the coming weeks, $ZUNA will be listed on 2-3 additional exchanges. $ZUNA holders are bullish as new exchanges typically lead to a rapid increase in volume and exposure.

Learn More About ZUNA

Visit www.zunacoin.com to learn more. Join the growing community and learn why so many investors believe in the future of ZUNA.

Early access to acquire ZunaNauts will be released exclusively to their Telegram and Discord groups.

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