5 Organizational Tips for a Pest-Free Home This Spring with Aptive Environmental

PROVO, Utah, Feb. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aptive Environmental, one of the leading pest control companies in North America, has been helping customers find comfort in their own homes since 2015. With spring quickly approaching, Aptive is providing five spring-cleaning tips to help homeowners combat unwanted pests and enjoy their homes. 

Many people jump into spring-cleaning with the hope of creating mindful practices that will help them stay organized throughout the year. However, many overlook routines that will help them prevent a pest problem.

In 2021, Aptive serviced over 900,000 homes for pest problems. The company encourages homeowners to practice proper internal home maintenance – coupled with professional help from Aptive – to keep a clean, organized and pest-free home.

“Home should be a haven, and a place where families can spend time together. Aptive’s expertise in pest control can play a big part in helping people enjoy their homes,” says Aptive Environmental’s CEO and Co-Founder, Vess Pearson. “Our experts aim to alleviate pest problems to allow our customers to feel at home again after an infestation.”

To help consumers spring into the new season, Aptive Environmental has shared some cleaning and organizational tips: 

  • Hire a professional – This spring-cleaning season, allow an Aptive expert with extensive training to take care of pests with a service designed to treat and prevent an infestation and rediscover the comfort of home. Aptive’s service professionals can also provide you with custom pest management solutions for your home.  
  • Get rid of any unwanted boxes – After the holiday season, many empty boxes can quickly pile up. This can become an easy shelter for roaches, spiders, crickets and silverfish. To deter pests from invading your home or garage, get rid of any unwanted shipping or gift boxes when doing your spring-cleaning.
  • Tackle areas in the home that are usually forgotten – When preparing your spring-cleaning checklist, it can become easy to dismiss areas that don’t seem as significant. Places such as air filters, vents, and ceilings should be cleaned regularly to prevent any unwanted bugs like dust mites and spiders.
  • Keep the kitchen clean and organized – Spring is the perfect time to reorganize your kitchen. Use chip clips and food containers, choose waste bins with lids, and regularly clean the trash can. Having a clean, organized area and food sealed can prevent infestations.
  • Don’t forget to clean outside – As the weather warms, it is time to refocus on the yard. Make sure to prune branches and shrubs to ensure they are not touching the side of the house or roof. Remove any leaves and debris from areas near the home, including the windows, walkway, deck and patio. Pests like to linger in the yard during the warmer months, so it is important to start the season with a clean yard. 

For more information about how to keep your home pest-free this spring visit www.GoAptive.com

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Aptive Environmental provides residential and commercial pest services to nearly 5,000 cities across North America. It was the youngest company featured on Glassdoor's Top 100 U.S. workplaces in 2019 and is ranked one of Entrepreneur Magazine's Best Companies in America. Aptive is also a proud member of the EPA's Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program and has partnered with the United Nations Foundation’s "Nothing But Nets" to help stop the spread of Malaria transmitted by mosquito bites. To learn about Aptive Environmental, visit www.GoAptive.com or find the company on Facebook (@AptiveEnvironmental), Twitter (@Go_Aptive), Instagram (@Aptive.Environmental) or LinkedIn (@AptiveEnvironmental).

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