Mercator IT Solutions Registers Strong Growth

Crowborough, East Sussex, Feb. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Despite the challenges that have come with the pandemic, a digital consulting company, Mercator IT Solutions, has tracked continued growth right through the global crisis. As their Chief Information Officer Sarah Bennett comments, during the pandemic “we continued to do what we do well.” 

With continually high service levels, the agility of response and acting without hesitation would all have been in scarce supply from March 2020 onwards with one-fifth of all employees being furloughed across the UK according to a DMP survey.

Mercator IT Solutions saw its highest rise in company growth and total sales in 2021. This set a precedent for 2022, where they are likely to surpass last year’s achievements. The COVID-19 pandemic presented unique challenges for companies worldwide, and Mercator was no different. Despite the pandemic’s socio-economic challenges, Mercator saw significant growth between 2020-2022.

This sharp rise in sales and company growth is a clear indicator that Mercator is recovering from the negative impacts of the pandemic. Sales dipped at the beginning of the global pandemic in 2020, sharply rose in 2021, and have continued to increase in 2022. 

Mercator’s Growth Strategy

Mercator IT Solutions set out to provide flexible work options for their teams and have been recruiting new members of their workforce using inclusive policies. By prioritising employee wellbeing, their team could give their clients their best. 

When asked about what Mercator did differently to see a sharp rise in sales, the CIO, Sarah Bennett, attributed their success to customer satisfaction and team effort. Bennett states, “It’s not so much that we did something different. We continued to do what we do well. We were there when our clients needed us most and had the agility to respond without hesitation which instilled further confidence from the clients and therefore brought more work our way.”

Bennett continues, “Our growth over the last two years has absolutely been a team effort. Each and every person in the team has been a contributor, from the CEO down to the most junior members of staff. Everyone has collectively pushed in the same direction, and it has been fantastic to see everyone so invested in the success of the business.”

Over the course of just 2 years, Mercator has increased its overall headcount by more than 3.5x. Their permanent division has carried most of that growth whilst their number of associates has grown. By the end of 2020, Mercator had a total of 115 associates, but that number has increased to 172 in 2022.

Mercator is committed to finding the best talent, keeping them motivated, and retaining them to facilitate the company’s overall growth. Mercator’s permanent staff retention is quite high with 60% of them working with the company for over 5 years. Even when some of them left to work for other companies, many of them returned to Mercator because of the positive work environment.

Mercator’s 2022 Sales

Mercator’s sales are growing and show no signs of slowing down. Bennett states, “Mercator is already growing at a rapid pace, but with the contractual pipeline of work that we have, we will continue to grow. As part of this, we are concentrating a lot of effort on getting our processes and policies right, making them more scalable, and ensuring our employees want to come to work and are motivated to perform well. We believe that if we can employ the best talent and look after them, the rest will fall into place.”

With an emphasis on employee wellbeing and engagement, Mercator’s leaders create an environment that keeps employees motivated to perform at their best capacity. The company is continuing its efforts to recruit top talent to meet the growing demands of managing a larger clientele. This will propel the company forward and make it possible to beat last year’s sales records as it provides top-quality consulting services to its clients.

About Mercator IT Solutions

When the company first started, its primary focus was recruitment. Mercator IT Solutions was a successful recruitment agency that knew where to find the best talent; it assisted its clients in completing their IT projects so that they could concentrate on growing their businesses. Over the years, Mercator’s clientele started to grow, and the leaders decided to pivot to consulting.

As an IT consulting company, Mercator is very client-focused and works hard to ensure that its clients get the best advice, guidance, and consulting they need to improve their businesses for the long-run. With its earlier experience in recruitment, Mercator has a deep understanding of the importance of building a solid workforce.

Their close attention to detail brought them an overwhelming amount of business that hasn’t slowed down since March 2021. Bennett states, “March 2021 was the record, but that acted as a platform for the rest of the year. We anticipate (based on our numbers) that January and February 2022 will eclipse that, and we won’t be looking back.”


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