CenExel Clinical Research Acquires CTSdatabase

High-tech Clinical Trial Subject Database Strengthens CenExel Site Network

Salt Lake City, Utah, Feb. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CenExel Clinical Research, Inc., (“CenExel”) announces the acquisition of CTSdatabase, a cutting edge and global duplicate subject detection service. CTSdatabase not only detects clinical trial subjects who are currently participating in other studies, it can offer the history of a subject’s past study participation and a personalized investigation of actionable matches.

Adopting CTSdatabase into use throughout the premier CenExel site network reinforces the CenExel promise of high-quality data resulting from each trial. CTSdatabase will also continue to function independently from CenExel, benefiting from shared resources while supporting sites, trials, and exclusive sponsor and Contract Research Organization (CRO) partnerships outside of CenExel.

CTSdatabase is led by Dr. Thomas M. Shiovitz, a Board-certified Psychiatrist with over 30 years of clinical research experience. Dr. Shiovitz founded the service to address the substantial negative impacts caused by professional subjects: individuals who attempt to join multiple clinical trials at the same time or otherwise in violation of the trial’s inclusion/exclusion criteria. This behavior skews the reported data and can put these subjects at risk.

Problems stemming from professional subject participation are particularly rampant in studies with subjective endpoints, such as psychiatry or pain. An estimated 5-10% of subjects involved in Central Nervous System (CNS) studies are professional subjects. As these subjects remain undiscovered, a statistically significant portion of the results would affect the safety and efficacy evaluations of the drug. To compensate for this noninformative data, clinical trials would have to recruit significantly more patients. The better solution – saving time and money – will always involve identifying the professional subjects prior to enrollment.

“One of the primary and unique capabilities of CTSdatabase is our iterative, algorithm-based technology that allows reporting of diverse, actionable, study-related information on each subject – without access to information that could identify the subject,” explained Dr. Shiovitz. “We provide optimum levels of privacy and security while remaining efficient and easy to use. We’re excited to join CenExel to support our mission to improve clinical trial data quality.”

“The addition of CTSdatabase elevates the CenExel network promise of quality results for every study we support, across our therapeutic areas of expertise,” said Tom Wardle, CenExel CEO. “This partnership will also provide greater opportunities for CTSdatabase to expand even beyond its impressive current size, growing the registry to include hundreds of thousands more unique subjects within the next few years.”

CenExel Clinical Research, Inc. was formed in 2018, and since its formation, CenExel has enthusiastically pursued both organic growth and acquisitions of state-of-the-art research centers around the U.S. The network now includes 13 of the most proficient clinical research sites in the country, with special emphases on Neurology, Pain, Psychiatry, Vaccines/Immunology, Dermatology, Ethnic-bridging, Sleep studies, and Clinical Pharmacology. The CenExel research units have outstanding records of assisting pharmaceutical sponsors with protocol development, study design, and conducting Phase I-IV trials to develop new therapeutics for improved patient care. The mission of CenExel is to work with trial Sponsors and CROs to reduce costs and development times for innovative therapies while advancing patient care.

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