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Major feed phytogenics market players include Phytobiotics, Biomin, DuPont, Pancosma, Delacon, Igusol, Natural Remedies Pvt. Ltd., Nutricare Life Sciences Limited, Indian Herbs Specialities Pvt. Ltd., Natural Herbs & Formulations, Ayurvet Limited, The Himalaya Drug Company, Amorvet, Synthite Industries Ltd, Unique Organics Ltd, Norex Flavors Pvt. Ltd., Akay Group, AVT Natural, Vinayak Ingredients ROHA A JJT Group, ADM, DSM, Cargill, Phytosynthese, Dostofarm GmbH, Incorporated, Adisseo, NOR-FEED, Nestlé Purina PetCare Company, PMI Nutrition, and doTERRA.

Pune, India, Feb. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

The global feed phytogenics market size is anticipated to increase significantly during the forecast period, on account of growing demand for high-quality animal feeds. Phytogenics form an important part of feed additives and are growth promoters that improve an animal’s performance. The trends that may increase the industry share are discussed below:

North America (regional valuation may cross $130 million)

Essential oils act as an effective replacement for antibiotics:

Essential oils may capture a large share of the North America feed phytogenics market by 2026. Essential oils can act as an effective replacement for growth promoters and antibiotics as they are free from residues and are less toxic.

Many farmers are increasing the use of essential oils in animal feeds as the demand to reduce or completely stop the inclusion of antimicrobials and antibiotics in livestock feeds is rising at a robust rate. Essential oils also increase the shelf life of raw feeds, thereby enhancing animal health and performance.

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The U.S. farmers increase the use of phytogenics in poultry feeds:

Based on application, the poultry sector will record a notable CAGR through 2026. The U.S. has seen a steady rise in the consumption of chicken meat in recent years. Therefore, many poultry farmers are using feed phytogenics to improve the quality of their feeds, which will help them produce high quality meat and eggs.

High demand for phytogenics in ruminant feeds:

Ruminants may record a CAGR of more than 3.5% in the North America feed phytogenics market through 2026. Feed phytogenics play a vital role in improving the overall health and performance of mammals like cows and buffaloes.

They also enhance the milk yielding capacity of these animals and decrease ammonia emissions, which is usually the case in feeds that do not contain phytogenics. These advantages will amplify the incorporation of phytogenics in ruminant feeds.

Europe (regional valuation may surpass $240 million):

Herbs and spices may dominate Europe market:

The Europe feed phytogenics market size from herbs and spices is likely to record more than 3% CAGR through 2026. Herbs and spices are being included in animal feeds on a large scale as they help animals gain healthy weight and enhance the conversion rate of feeds.

Moreover, they promote the digestive health of livestock as they contain anti-inflammatory properties and do not cause any harmful side-effects in the long-term, thereby increasing their demand among end-users.

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Phytogenics highly used in swine feeds:

The swine application will hold a considerable share of the regional industry by 2026. The region is witnessing a robust rise in the percentage of people consuming pork. In addition, France, Germany, and Spain are among the major exporters of pork across the world.

However, there are several concerns surrounding the quality of the meat and the health risks associated with it. This has compelled many people engaged in animal husbandry to sharpen their focus on the quality of the feeds they are offering to their livestock. It has stimulated the demand for phytogenics in swine feeds.

Technological advancements rise in feed phytogenics:

Companies across Europe that are engaged in the production of feed phytogenics are coming up with a wide range of advanced technologies to enhance the quality of the phytogenics used in various animal feeds.

Since the percentage of people consuming meat-based products is growing every year, it is imperative to offer them the best quality meat. And that can only happen when the quality of the animal feed improves. Since there are several advantages of feed phytogenics in terms of animal health and performance, their adoption is set to rise.

Asia Pacific (regional valuation may exceed $360 million):

Robust use of herbs and spices in animal feeds:

Herbs and spices accounted for a notable share in the Asia Pacific feed phytogenics market in 2020. These ingredients are finding widespread acceptance among people who are engaged in animal husbandry. One of the main reasons for it is that herbs and spices contain therapeutic features that promote an animal’s overall growth and development.

Moreover, several farmers are doing away with antibiotics and other forms of growth promoters as they can have extreme side-effects on the development of livestock. The demand for herbs and spices in livestock feeds in consequence, is anticipated to grow.

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China feed phytogenics market share shows significant progress:

China industry forecast will improve due to the robust expansion of the country’s poultry sector. There are many factors contributing to the same, such as growing disposable income, urbanization, and changing dietary preferences. Several teenagers are splurging on processed chicken and meat products due to the growing number of fast-food franchises. This will augment the use of feed phytogenics to improve the quality of chicken meat.

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