Cerberus Sentinel Rings The Nasdaq Stock Market Opening Bell Feb. 23

CEO David Jemmett does the honors marking the cybersecurity services company's Nasdaq listing

NEW YORK, Feb. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cerberus Cyber Sentinel Corporation (Nasdaq: CISO), a Managed Compliance and Cybersecurity Provider (MCCP) based in Scottsdale, Ariz., marked the occasion of its Nasdaq listing (Jan. 14, 2022) with CEO David Jemmett ringing The Nasdaq Stock Market Opening Bell at the Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square in New York City today. Jemmett was joined by Cerberus Sentinel senior leadership and board of directors.

"At Cerberus Sentinel, we are building something unique," said Jemmett. "By assembling the best-of-the-best cybersecurity companies with the industry's smartest people, we're giving businesses what they need most: a team backed by proven technologies and processes that they can trust. We have a major part to play in the battle against the onslaught of cyber threats we see every day, including nation-state sponsored attacks on the digital infrastructure we rely on for nearly everything – banking, food, energy, healthcare, telecoms, even the internet."

Since the inception of Cerberus Sentinel in 2019, the company has designed its business model to meet this challenge by acquiring seasoned teams of experts who specialize in cybersecurity and compliance. With the wide gap in talent and resources to match these ongoing threats, Cerberus Sentinel has grown largely through acquisitions to help secure organizations and their people.

"But, instead of just employing those experts, we've made them owners," said Jemmett. "When a company joins Cerberus Sentinel, all employees earn in and become shareholders. So, we're all in it together, working to safeguard organizations, side-by-side, where cybersecurity is a culture not a product."

A link to a video of The Nasdaq Stock Market Opening Bell for Cerberus Sentinel can be found here.

About Cerberus Sentinel
Cerberus Sentinel is a Managed Compliance and Cybersecurity Provider (MCCP) with its exclusive MCCP+ managed compliance and cybersecurity services plus culture program. The company is rapidly expanding by acquiring world-class cybersecurity, secured managed services, and compliance companies with top-tier talent that utilize the latest technology to create innovative solutions to protect the most demanding businesses and government organizations against continuing and emerging security threats and compliance obligations. For more information, visit us on LinkedIn, Twitter @CerberusCSC, or at www.cerberussentinel.com.

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