AAAC Wildlife Removal Denver Announce New Owner with Vast Experience in Wildlife Control and Removal in Colorado

Denver, Feb. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For over 15 years, the team at AAAC Wildlife Removal of Denver have helped home and business owners safely control and remove nuisance wildlife, including the likes of bats, rats, racoons, snakes and squirrels.

Now, following an expansion of their team and an increase in customer demand, AAAC have announced that after many years of successful management, previous owners Brian and Josie Moss have passed the reins over to new owners, Dean & Anna Grose.

As a native of Colorado, Dean Grose is no stranger to the nuisance wildlife that the state regularly encounters. Having managed a team of wildlife removal specialists in the Central Mountains of Colorado for over 13 years, Dean has all of the credentials required to become the new owner of AAAC Wildlife Removal of Denver.

Below, we outline Dean Grose’ commitment to provide the same customer service and quality of work that made him an essential part of the Central Mountains community, and his plans for the team:

Dean Grose on becoming the new owner of AAAC Wildlife Removal of Denver:

“With well over a decade of experience in the industry and having led another AAAC franchise in Colorado, I am looking forward to continuing the fantastic work that AAAC Wildlife Removal Denver provides to the community in removing nuisance wildlife.

I have no doubt that this team is the best in Denver when it comes to wildlife removal. We use the most recent and advanced techniques to safely remove everything from birds and bats to racoons and snakes, we comply with all Colorado state laws and guidelines, and we offer brilliant customer service with lots of added value.

I’m amazed by the team’s expertise in removing and controlling wildlife of all shapes and sizes, and the work they do to help home and business owners identify how and why wildlife appeared, how to remove it, and how to stop it from happening again. They can even help to fix damage caused and restore a homeowner’s property to its former glory. I’m proud to be leading this team and committed to providing the wildlife removal services that Denver residents deserve”.

Plans for the future of wildlife removal in Denver

Much of Dean Grose’ plans for the future of AAAC Wildlife Removal Denver center around continuing the great work that is already carried out, including:

Continue to be industry leaders for wildlife removal in Denver

Dean wants to continue being the go-to team that Denver relies on for:

  • Nuisance Wildlife Entry Repairs
  • Racoon Removal
  • Bat Seal up’s & Exclusion
  • Squirrel Removal
  • Snake Removal
  • Bird Control
  • Gopher & Vole Management
  • Rodent Management & Seal up’s
  • Nuisance Wildlife Education

… along with much more.

Help homeowners and businesses quickly identify the signs of nuisance wildlife

Nuisance wildlife isn’t just an annoyance, but it can cause danger to you and your loved ones. Dean hopes to continue to educate Metro Denver residents on the easy-to-spot signs of nuisance wildlife home intrusions, so that these pests can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Continue to invest in the most recent and advanced wildlife removal techniques

As the industry specialists, AAAC Wildlife Removal of Colorado are proud of the continued development of their team and their use of the most advanced removal techniques for the likes of racoons, squirrels, gophers, rodents,birds, bats and more. Dean is committed to further investing in these techniques to ensure customers always receive top of the line service.

More Information

AAAC Wildlife Removal of Colorado is a proud member of the AAAC Wildlife Removal family of franchise companies. Our wildlife operators are trained with the most up to date techniques to handle all of your wildlife needs. If you’ve got a wildlife problem, we can fix it! Learn more via the website:


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