URAC Call for Nominations for Measures Advisory & Research Group

URAC has opened a Call for Nominations for volunteers to serve on the Measures Advisory & Research Group (MARG).

Washington, DC, March 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- URAC has opened a Call for Nominations for volunteers to serve on the Measures Advisory & Research Group (MARG). We are seeking individuals to serve as experts in Case Management, Disease Management, and Telehealth programs.

This committee is one of several advisory committees that oversees the accreditation work of URAC. The purpose of the MARG is to advise URAC on which performance measures to include in its accreditation products. 

MARG committee members may be from a variety of external sources, such as government, providers, consumers, academia, etc. and must be knowledgeable about measures and measurement methodologies, i.e., psychometrics, risk adjustment, etc. 

  • Terms are limited to three years with the option for one additional term at the discretion of the Committee Chair 
  • Conflict of Interest disclosure will be required 
  • Time requirement includes a 1.5 hour meeting every quarter via conference call and preparation time for full participation in meeting discussions

Selection of Measures Advisory & Research Group Members will reflect both the diversity of key healthcare stakeholders and in accordance with URAC’s Conflict of Interest Policy.  Members of committees are selected based upon their expertise, their potential contribution, and the need for input from a particular stakeholder perspective.

Any interested party can submit one or more nominations for the Measures Advisory & Research Group by completing an application via the URAC website at the following link and CV to ResearchMeasurement@urac.org


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