TULA Skincare Revamps Its Daily Dose Advanced Daily Probiotic & Skin Health Complex With New Formula to Help Consumers Feel Beautiful From The Inside Out

The Supplement Refresh Coincides With TULA Founder and Practicing Gastroenterologist, Dr. Roshini Raj’s New Book, “Gut Renovation: Unlock the Age-Defying Power of the Microbiome to Remodel Your Health from the Inside Out”

NEW YORK, March 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TULA Skincare, founded by practicing gastroenterologist Dr. Roshini Raj, is flexing its innovation pillar with the launch of its new and improved dietary supplement, Daily Dose Advanced Daily Probiotic & Skin Health Complex. With an enhanced new ingredient formulation, the ingestible capsules provide digestive and skin health benefits to complement the brand’s robust portfolio of clean and clinically effective skincare and wellness offerings.

As pioneers in gut health, TULA’s reinvented Daily Dose contains four probiotic strains and superfood beetroot prebiotic fiber, working with ceramides to help promote digestive health while supporting smoother, more hydrated skin. Additionally, spinach enzymes and an increase of Vitamin C provide a vital boost of antioxidants and help protect from stress caused by free radicals.*

According to the latest market insight report by InsightAce Analytic, the Beauty Ingestible market is expected to reach $8.30 Billion USD in 2030. As this category grows, many beauty and skincare brands are looking to meet demand and develop their own supplements while TULA has been a leader in this space for years. The brand is not only continuously innovating in skincare but is now launching the next iteration of its cutting-edge probiotic and superfood supplement formulation.

“Our founder, practicing gastroenterologist, and in-house gut health expert, Dr. Roshini Raj, has studied probiotics for over 20 year and has a strong understanding of their many benefits to our overall health and appearance. Since 2014, TULA has harnessed the power of probiotic extracts applied topically in skincare and has used this as the basis of our product innovation.” said Savannah Sachs, CEO of TULA Skincare “While many brands are just starting to focus on digestive health and how that can be connected to skin health and overall well-being, we’re perfecting and enhancing our formulas with continual innovation.”

With a unique, backed by science approach, TULA’s foundation was established around Dr. Raj’s understanding of the deeply physical and emotional connection that lies between looking good and feeling good. In her new book, Gut Renovation: Unlock the Age-Defying Power of the Microbiome to Remodel Your Health from the Inside Out (William Morrow, March 1, 2022), Dr. Raj shares her game-changing program for improving the microbiome and boosting digestion, immunity, mood and vitality. Combining her practical clinical experience with the latest microbiome research, the book provides clear, easy-to grasp advice that will allow readers to understand and make the necessary changes to reset their biological clocks.

“At TULA, we take our science seriously, and the results are real. I’m proud to arm readers with practical tips to revamp the way they live. TULA’s new Daily Dose is an ideal, complementary solution to jumpstart a gut renovation and promote overall healthier skin.” said Dr. Roshini Raj, Founder of TULA Skincare

Dr. Raj’s book, Gut Renovation: Unlock the Age-Defying Power of the Microbiome to Remodel Your Health from the Inside Out, is available for purchase at TULA.com wherever books are sold ($27.99). To learn more about and to purchase TULA’s Daily Dose Advanced Daily Probiotic & Skin Health Complex ($44), please visit TULA.com.

TULA, meaning “balance” in Sanskrit, is a clean clinical prestige skincare and wellness brand built on the power of probiotic extracts, which are clinically proven to nourish, soothe, and balance skin. Founded by practicing gastroenterologist, Dr. Roshini Raj, TULA Skincare sits at the intersection of beauty and wellness and believes the same ingredients that are good for your body are also good for your skin. With a focus on being healthy and confident rather than perfect, TULA aims to inspire everyone to #EmbraceYourSkin. TULA Skincare was recently acquired by Procter & Gamble. TULA is a digitally native, social-first omni channel brand with DTC as a core capability and is also available through its beauty retail partners including Ulta Beauty, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus in the US and internationally at Sephora Canada and in MECCA’s Australia and New Zealand markets. For more information and the latest news on TULA Skincare, visit www.tula.com.

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