Regpack, a leader in online registration and payments, enters the recurring billing market.

Regpack has announced they are entering the subscription billing market, expanding on their existing array of payment, analytics, and onboarding tools.

San Diego, CA,

San Diego, CA, March 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Regpack has announced they are entering the subscription billing market, expanding on their existing offering of payment, analytics, and onboarding tools.

This milestone is a major move for Regpack on its mission to become the leading platform for client onboarding. This move will allow Regpack to add to its array of clients: SaaS, B2B companies, membership associations, and other service-based businesses.

Regpack’s recurring billing functionality includes the ability to create, manage, prorate, and renew subscriptions automatically. This is on top of Regpack’s existing ability for client data management, and payment automation.

Regpack’s analytical tools add financial forecasting for subscriptions and automatic billing plans up to 2 years forward with extremely high accuracy using a proprietary algorithm. This ability is crucial for B2B businesses as they plan their long-term development, growth, and expansion and allows upper management a birds-eye view of their organization’s current and future income.

An early adopter of the Regpack recurring billing tool said, "As we were looking for a recurring billing solution, Regpack's ability to integrate into our platform seamlessly was exactly what we were looking for. Later, we found that the financial forecasting and analytics tools turned Regpack's recurring billing product into a planning tool for our executive team. The fact that all payments are charged and managed automatically by the system allows us to focus on our growth and our clients instead of reconciling financial data and chasing clients for payment.”

Regpack plans to expand into the recurring billing space in Q2 of 2022 and believes that it is able to take a large portion of the billing market within 2 years. This is due to its offering of onboarding together with recurring billing, a combination that does not currently exist in the market.

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About Regpack: Regpack is an online onboarding and payment management platform built for organizations large and small looking to manage and charge their clients. With automation tools including auto charging, customized forms, dynamic data filtering, business analytics, and email marketing tools. Regpack is an end-to-end solution for B2B organizations and service-based organizations looking for software solutions.

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