Plumbers Reveal How to Prepare Plumbing for Autumn

The leading plumber Maitland wide reveals their best tips for preparing the plumbing for autumn.

MAITLAND, Australia, March 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Autumn, well known for causing plumbing issues when it rolls around each year, is looming just around the corner. The Plumbing Lifesaver, the leading experts in hot water repairs Maitland wide, share their tips for equipping indoor plumbing for the chillier months and explain that the best form of prevention is preparation.

Hot water becomes an increasingly valuable asset as the cold weather and rain begin to arrive, says The Plumbing Lifesaver. They urge homeowners to ensure their hot water heaters are in top condition before the temperatures dip too low. Hot water heaters require regular maintenance - experts recommend hiring a professional, licensed plumber to conduct a maintenance check and basic service every few years. The Plumbing Lifesaver suggests asking the plumber to check the anode rod, a piece of equipment in a hot water heater that tends to wear down after about two years from the installation date of the system.

On top of a hot water heater check, The Plumbing Lifesaver explains that ensuring pipes are well insulated will help to keep a hot water system working at its best. Experienced plumbers can install insulation on pipes, which will minimise heat loss in the water being pumped into a hot water heater and reduce the chances of pipes freezing over. A frozen pipe can easily burst, which would cause a slew of plumbing problems throughout the house. The Plumbing Lifesaver also recommends insulating outdoor taps to prevent freezing and disconnecting outdoor hoses.

One of the biggest headaches homeowners face throughout autumn, reveals The Plumbing Lifesaver, is blocked roof gutters. Falling leaves and twigs clog up the gutters, which cause water from the autumn and winter rain to overflow - or worse, it can cause the roof to collapse. Experts strongly urge homeowners to stay on top of the issue throughout autumn and winter by regularly cleaning out their gutters or investing in a gutter guard.

The Plumbing Lifesaver reminds homeowners to always refer to experienced, licensed professionals who can safely prevent and fix plumbing problems that arise. For the highest quality job at affordable prices, contact 0448 669 938 The Plumbing Lifesaver, experts in blocked drains Maitland wide.

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